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  1. last week of 2011.

    Saturday, December 31, 2011

    whole entire week worth of pictures. (: 2011 had been greaaaaaattttt! ♥

    colourful tong yuen for 冬至 =DD

    pumpkin soup.

    turkey set lunch along with the pumpkin soup and a drink. RM34 (: damn nice somemore. treated myself and grandparents lunch that day (:

    christmas eve dinner at san franscisco steakhouse at tropicana city mall. merry belated christmas people!

    spent christmas day at home having a family gathering (:

    desert at my honeymoon. first time trying chocolate tong yuen. but quite nice (:

    boxing day shopping! in pyramid and curve. heheheh happeeee =D

    garrett's caramel and cheesy popcorn (:

    my favourtie beef noodles from pudu!! =D

    lunch with mum the other day during lunch time. cause i left my wallet at home and she came and pass it to me plus have lunch with her beloved daughter (:

    my hair ends are so so so bad..... ):

    lunch alone at secret recipe. sob sob ):haha

    took lrt to kelana jaya on thursday and ferns came to pick me up. off we went to MBO subang parade for mission impossible. awesome movie! (:

    my iphone backup died on me that night. all my stuffs in my phone got wiped completely. now my iphone is as good as new ): all i managed to retrieve was my photos... my entire life for the past a year and a half in sms form is completely gone. ): i am hoping to get it restored. see whether it works or not. havta wait for cousin friend to come back from penang next week and help me with it.. stupid iphone backup why you go corrupt yourself?! ):

    dinner last night with jia shen at taipan's hawker. yee mee is the best creation ever! (:

    bought a tub of ben and jerry's the other day. awesomest!! =DD

    satay as supper last night. damn nice weih... and its from usj 8 nearby ni.. love their lamb! damn niceeeee!

    stayed up till 3 something this morning cause i was playing poker at home. hahah eh quite fun ler.. hahah!

    tonight i'll be a good girl and stay home for new year's eve. plus having family company at home and hoegaarden and food and poker session is damn awesome laaaa!


    looking back this year, you've been a year full of surprises. things between me and you started this year. nothing is more important to me than that this year. this is the highlight of my year. tho there were the downs, uni and exams and a little minor part of me complicating up things between us, there were still more good than bad this year. which is the least i could wish for. everyone was healthy and i was happy. so it was all good! i am hoping for a better 2012. as the years goes by, its normal to wish for a better and better year. and a better us. and i'll be an aunt next year! i am so looking forward to that. 2012, please be nice to me =D

    happy new year in advance everybody!! =D may it be a pleasant year for you too!

    much love,

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