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    Tuesday, December 20, 2011

    mum and cousin sent me to work this morning and had breakkie together (:

    first day of work today was.. one word, boring.

    wasn't assigned anything to do but "to relax". i don't exactly know what relax mean so i took it as fb, msn, game and blog. haha

    my workstation.

    even lunch break i didn't know what time to go cause no one was there to brief me about anything at all. in the end went for lunch at 130pm till 230pm. spent half an hour in maxis centre sorting out something regarding my number. 15 mins walking to kl sentral and back to office.

    which means i was left with 15 mins to finish this..

    my spicy chicken mcdeluxe set (:

    left work about 6pm. got back about 7 ish? and mum cooked dinner. then just sat infront of the tv watching dramas.

    and had supper at 9 plus.

    ramlyyyyyyy....! my daging special tambah cheese.

    but i was too full to eat one so shared half with mum.

    off to bed soon. working tomorrow. ): nightt

    with love,

    i am missing my other half... )':

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