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    Sunday, December 11, 2011


    was considering of cutting short. but now, nope. don't think it'll ever suit me plus maintaining it will be super hard for me.. and look so aunty.. btw, this is a tie up.. so everything is still all good. hahah

    my week was great!! not to mention one full week with someone constantly being around me and also i almost crossed out all the food i wanted to eat before i go back to malaysia.

    which also means i've put on weight. not much, about 1.5kgs? haha

    my food adventure for the past week..

    lord of the fries' french canadian sauce. meaning shredded cheese with hot gravy.. (: sinful! $4.95

    this wasn't in my list. nasi kandar at oldtown. $11.50

    just cause i met up with cherly, kar kiat and sheau tien on wednesday and tien wanted to go to oldtown. hence going to oldtown eventho i was just a week a way from being back to malaysia.

    after that joomak with kiat, cherly and sean. rice wine again. my second time in like 2 days?and red up like nobodys business again.

    thursday was meat and wine co day!

    teck wei and i shared a mixed bread platter $22 and a full rack of ribs $57.

    i've always always wanted to go. so i was like super happy! burnt a hole in my wallet but i didn't mind. the food was good. but yet, hurricanes in sydney's ribs are better. meat and wine co one was good but not great. oh well i'll definitely be back again for their steak! and the blue cheese and vodka sauce!! ((:

    yesterday, movie with teck wei in chaddy.

    puss in boots (:

    saw the trailer of happy feet 2 and i wanna watch!!! but youunottherewatchwithme..sobsob )):

    lunch was at pancake parlour. which i so wanted to try their cheese kransky for like ever.. never did because it cost $24.50. haha but well.. finally went yesterday.

    cheese kransky.

    country breakfast.

    niceeeeee! i was smiling when i had the first bite. hahaha!

    also always wanted to try ben and jerry's ice cream for a long time now.. had their chocolate fudge brownies. nice weihhh! =DD

    about 6 ish went to meet up with teck wei's friend kit kin at elsternwick station. she came here for holidays and just met up for dinner which cherly also joined us. initial plan was to go to lygon street but it was raining pretty heavy so we ended up in oriental spoon which was just across melbourne central.

    two dishes for three people cause cherly didn't eat but still was so so so full!

    after dinner wanted to go to lygon for freddos but it started raining again so we detoured to max brenner.

    had the dark chocolate suckao and it was kit kin's treat. thanks! =DD

    had fun chilling around last night. and was so so stuffed. full until i felt so bloated. ahahah!

    came back home really early this morning. then went out with aunty D to ishka because she had a voucher. was too busy choosing and all that which we were finally done shopping only at 3.30pm? we were out since 11 something 12?

    and i haven't had anything to eat so we just randomly settled down at funky curry because it was the only restaurant nearby that was open.

    my rice with one meat and one vege. $9

    that's the end of my food adventure for the week (:

    i'll be back in malaysia on wednesday. can't wait to be home but yet don't feel like leaving. i am thinking about all the stuffs i want to do and things i want to eat and places i want to go but i can't include you in it.. =/ saddd

    tomorrow is the last night here for 2011. shall see how it turns out.

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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