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    Monday, December 05, 2011


    been busy eating and eating man...

    yesterday night had drinks with cherly and kar kiat at max brenner QV then switched location for dinner. wanted to go over to chin chin but it was like an hour wait so we went over to hutong dumpling bar and it was full right up to 9pm and we were there at like? 615pm? so we ended up in Shoya.

    without any reservations.. =DD i know we were lucky to get a place ((:

    the salmon sashimi. $19.80 and its niceeeeee! (:

    kiat's mini abalone steak. nice too! i had a piece. haha ((:

    cherly's tofu steak. this was nice too! (:

    my ten zaru soba. $19.80 pretty normal. just that i was sticking in the budget because of the sashimi which i really wanted to get. hehe

    basically the whole entire dinner was damn nice. love their jap food. now i can't wait to go back malaysia for jap food!!


    out with cherly to spencer street and docklands for shopping. which i just bought a pair of flats. super duper cute flats for $15 ((: then went to st ali along with sean. just sit there chill and had my soy milk hot chocolate.

    our early dinner about 630pm was at JooMak.

    some really nice mango rice wine. =DD

    we had kimchi pancake too. went so well with the rice wine. and had like their side dishes refilled like twice? hehe

    love this place too! the environment, the drinks and the food is some awesome stuff (:

    i was so red by the time i left the place cause of the rice wine. one sip is enough to make me red like a tomato. especially my ears. ahahah!

    i am so full right now. been eating so much today. haha not to mention i had brownies and muffin at st ali too. plus before that one sushi roll and two pieces of bread from breadtop. hahaha! i'll be fat before i even get back to malaysia. haha

    wokays! will be back for somemore updates on food before i get back to malaysia. prolly darac on wednesday and meat and wine co on thursday! =DD

    i know my blog have been over dominated by food posts.. hehe =P


    with love,

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