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    Tuesday, December 13, 2011

    spent my last night of 2011 in melbourne over at teck wei's. i didn't do much anyways. caught up on In Time the movie then maccas for dinner then lepaking in cherly's room and ended with watching Dear John with cherly.

    the night could have been better. but well.. =/

    went down with cherly to the city today to have lunch with kar kiat. teck wei had to work so no lunch together )):

    2 months seems like a long time in my mind.... )))):

    anyhow went to Earl Canteen. which i've always wanted to go but its only open on weekdays and usually i am only out in the city for lunch on weekends during the semester. so yess.. another place on the to try list crossed out (:


    after that was dfo south wharf with cherly. nothing very much. only bought a pair of shorts from cotton on for $3.50 and a leather wallet for dear from fossil. hope he likes it! =D

    but one sad thing happened today, my favourite necklace broke. the one in the picture right at the start of the post. it just broke and there is no way i could pick it up!! ))): as it is silver beads and i was at a tram stop when it broke. it just broke out of nowhere. it wasn't pulled or anything. i had to just leave it and throw the rest of it. all i kept was the heart. i am now so sad thinking about it!! )): sighhhhhhh

    and the outing ended with me having chatime with cherly. was home by 5.15pm. and aunty D made dinner. cannelloni. yums! (: something i won't get in malaysia. so i am happy ((:

    now i am just waiting for time to leave to the airport. all my luggageS are already downstairs. leaving to the airport at 11.30pm. and flying off at 3.40am.

    i am gonna miss my dear so much ): we've never been apart and as i said i am getting clingy sooo.. that explains half of it too... =/

    wokays.. next post will be in malaysia (:

    much love,

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