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  1. potato chips please.

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    went out to pyramid with mum and phei fern today ((: i become super happy when it comes to going out for shopping one la okay... hahaha

    lunch was at kim gary.

    super super love this tube top. now damn regret i didn't buy!! )):

    mum cooked pan mee tonight. so so niceeeee =D

    soup base.

    dry base. more like indomie base. haha! but damn niceeeee~

    my damages today.

    one pair of RED skinnies that i was looking for ages! and one cream sweater from mng, green polka dot tube top from kitschen and a plain teal spaghetti strap from forever 21.

    lastly, my favourite flats from vincci. i used to own the black one and wore it till it broke. and since i bought a black pair yesterday, i decided to get another colour (: all of these total of about RM200. hehe

    not too bad eh? hahaha i still regret not buying that top from kitschen. RM35... ))):

    kla.. have to go sleep soon. starting my first day of internship tomorrow. nervous and excited at the same time. have to reach there at 830am tomorrow since i start at 9am.

    okies will be back to write all about it. niteeeee!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

    me is loving skype.

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