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    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    heloooooooo =D

    i've been back in malaysia since wednesday and all i did was sleep and eat. the only person i met was qihong. don't know what i have been doing seriously..

    anyways rewind back to the day i flew back from melbourne which was wednesday morning. because its something i should blog about (:

    i got upgraded up to business class by emirates!! paid economy and flew back by business class is like super damn lucky la okay...!

    my first business class boarding pass ((:

    my hand luggages. i tell you.. i seriously abuse the weight kao kao one.. hehe

    my checked in baggages was even over the weight by 3 kgs? hahah!

    look at the seat and the screen and the leg room! =D

    the leg room super big laaaaa... and i even had a mattress over my seat for me to sleep as well. hehehehe =D the only downside is the seat is not wide enough. other than that, no complains (((:

    the food.

    this are the light bites sandwiches. there was a grilled vege, tandori chicken and smoked salmon. the smoked salmon one was damn nicee!

    after eating that, i was watching red riding hood halfway and then i paused it and slept until the air stewardess called me to get up for breakfast. hahaha

    breakfast. first was bread and croissant which was damn nice . then the seared beef fillet, potato rosti and sausage. after that i also had a chocolate muffin. hehe

    touched down at about 830am?

    first time i've ever touched down in klia and sat this rail thingy from melbourne. all this while in 2 and a half years, whenever i am back, i am back with air asia. this time was different (:

    came home and then went out breakkie with mum they all again. and it was at melur.

    which i had my long miss teh o ais limau and maggi goreng!! =DD no surprise there. haha

    after that just came home and lazed around and slept a while too. and dinner was at zanmai!!

    i miss this so badly! finally (((:


    went to do my hair early in the morning.

    had it straightened (:

    by the time it was done, it was like late afternoon already. dinner yesterday night was at sunway area.

    no such thing as cheap and nice dishes like this in melbourne. unless you talk about not converting. haha

    skyped with dear for like an hour at about 11pm? ♥


    went to klcc with mum.

    outfit of the day. loveee my new longchamp bag (((: gweeeeen hehe

    went to little penang for lunch.

    my siamese lemak laksa.

    mum's prawn mee.

    otak otak.


    lunch came to about RM50 for two person. hehe i miss otak otak and lobak alot!

    bought a pair of polka dots legging from uniqlo and a pair of black flats from nose.

    i didn't know now heels or flats from vincci is so expensive already. even from nose its expensive. that pair of flats cost me RM62.90 after discount. expensive ler.. i remember it used to be cheaper! but i am in need of a pair of black flats..

    was helping mum to clear the room and i found this.

    all my tags from high school (: those were the good old days.

    okieeee.. i should be off to bed soon. the whole family is out yumchaing after a whole round of poker and rummy together and i pula at home being a good girl.

    i am hoping to go to sunway pyramid tomorrow. i haven't been since i got back other than being in zanmai the other day. i wanna see what has changed. haha



    i am loving my long and straight hair ((:

    i miss youuuuuuuu ):

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