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    Saturday, December 03, 2011

    ello! uncle just left for home. i just got back from the airport not long to send him off. anyhow i'll be seeing him in like 10 days? so yea.. no biggie.

    now i am getting into this packing mood that i wanna pack everything and make sure it is under the baggage weight so that i can be away for a week at peace. haha

    today aunty D drove me and uncle to williamstown for lunch.

    i didn't know williamstown had such nice houses with super huge big glass houses that face the sea. ohmaigod so so nice. i didn't know they had such nice views too. it'll be so nice to go somewhere and just stay infront of the sea for like a day or two. when wanna go with me ah dear? =P

    had lunch at just some random cafe.

    my eggs benedict with a side of smoked salmon. $16.50

    my hot chocolate with soy milk. $4.20

    came home about 4pm? cleaned my whole room. stripped my sheets, vacuumed the carpets, wiped all the dusts from the table. technically i am all set to go back to malaysia..

    about 7 ish the three of us then left for dinner.

    ended up in grand tofu on racecourse road.

    my yong tau fu with tom yum soup base. niceee (:

    and soya bean with grass jelly =DD

    i've been loving soy milk alot lately. and that's unusual. ahaha.. and this grand tofu is much much better than the one in glen waverley. all the food was nice. the yong tau fu was nice. the char kuey teow that aunty D was nice too.

    i am very picky in terms of malaysian food here. if it is not good i'll never go back. so yeaa i was actually kinda reserved when aunty D suggested grand tofu as i had a horrible experience the last time. but this branch was really good and now i am eager to go back and try their dishes and have it with rice. someday next year la.. haha

    tomorrow i'll be off to teck wei's in clayton until sunday. then the following tuesday i'll be heading back to malaysia. oh wow time sure pass quick!

    tea time tomorrow with kar kiat and cherly i presume?

    that's all for now. taS!


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