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  1. gained the heart's desire.

    Tuesday, August 28, 2012

    hello hello!

    i've been putting the whole updating on hold because i've just been either caught up with uni or caught up with my one tree hill. everyday after i get back from uni, i just curl in bed and watch one tree hill till it is time for bed. so yeahh... been neglecting this page for high school dramas. HAHA!

    ok... i'll just update with whatever i have documented down in pictures. because other than these outings, i have been pretty much at home anyways.

    last tuesday,

    met up with celine for lunch. and had a long and good catch up (((: it was at Affogato on Hardware Lane and the food and coffee was just OK. 

    me that day (:

    and also bought a pair of studded smoking slippers. i tell you... i have been seriously looking everywhere for this. well... it is everywhere but none within my budget and this was $15! how awesome huh?!

    my dinner that night. aunty D got back from work late so instead i cooked my own instant noodles dinner :D

    on the random side, this is my favourite cheese! (((: jarlsberg FTW!


    was in the city after my classes to meet up wei ping and audrey for tea. and we had some blue skies!

    we totally got photobombed in the first picture. and it was super random! but finally a better second shot with elmo. wei ping has this craze about elmos... hahah!

    tea was at koko black in the royal arcade. the girls had their hot chocolates and i had my baby iced chocolate. 

    it was a good catch up! i am so glad we became close from SAM. awesome times!

    and wei ping passed me by belated birthday gift. i am in love with those eye shadows! exactly what i have been looking for! thanks so much wei ping! :DDD and also a pink lipstick came together with it. feel so loved!

    me that day :D

    me after i got home. went cray cray on the new top i bought. haha!

    how nice if my arms would be thin huh. and also thinner up my thighs... then it would be PERFECT! well... i am not exactly doing anything to make that happen tho... =/


    met up with dear and his mum for lunch. vietnamese pho it was!

    then was to docklands and south wharf dfo for shopping! was glad to have to spend the day with them. and things went well. so it was good!

    outfit that day! (:

    me after i got home again! yeapp.... crazyyy :D

    and also bought this film camera. first yao yun bought them, then wei ping bought it. so i bought it too. not sure how the pictures would turn out tho. its suppose to have those designs on the film. hmmm..


    went out with aunty D the whole day to brunswick street and south wharf dfo again. twice in two days.

    our vietnamese lunch. the first is my spicy lime rice noodles and aunty D's pho.

    my outfit! preppy! (: love those flats...

    bought this that day. cute dress eh? :D


    after classes i went to highpoint with aunty D. aunty D is on holidays now so yeah..

    bought something sweet to munch on. but honestly, too sweet!

    and kah tim sent me this picture on china's McD. so awesome right! i wanna try..... )):

    so... that wraps up the whole entire week. i am a horrible blogger nowadays. this was just an update for the sake of it. hahah! at least there is something...

    look look! my cute little nephew! he'll be a big baby when i get back in january.. considering the rate he is growing. hehe and I just bought him cute Winnie the pooh pajamas!! Oh can't wait to see him in them!

    now, back to my one tree hill... and look at chad michael murray's body laaaa.... the perfect kind that i like. not too build but still looks super hot! <3 and one tree hill will always be my favourite tv series! always...and forever.

    one episode then i am off to bed.

    goodnight peeps!

    oh and one more thing, en lin and his girlfriend are in melbourne! how cool is to having visitors huh?!! :DDD

    sher xoxo.

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