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    Tuesday, September 04, 2012

    ola peeps!

    september is here! which means it is spring (: spring is suppose to be about pretty flowers and decent weather. but to me, spring is mainly weird weather. you see... it'll be days of uncertainties as you won't know what to put on. because what you most likely have will either be too thin or too thick for the weather. under the sun it'll be like hot hot. but once you get into the shaded areas, it'll be cold. i am not a fan of these sorta thing. it has to either be cold for me or just plain hot. cold then hot then cold just sucks.

    and now that i am so used to the winter temperate of low 10 degrees, having a day of 22 degrees is just too hot! not malaysia kinda hot of course but still hot.... =/ i want the cold weather back. the perfect weather for me is the cold temperature with a slight tint of sunshine and no rain. thats superbly perfect for me!

    since aunty D is off for vacation for the next 6 weeks so..., i am currently living in MA with the boyfriend. seeing him everyday would definitely be better than just seeing him on the weekends la of course :D at least he'll chase me out of bed to go for my morning classes... well mainly because the single bed would be so much more comfy with him sleeping in it alone. hehehe kidding kidding :P

    nowadays i am having so much more yummier pictures of food compared to before. credits to my new cammie! totally in love with the quality of pictures it takes. and i have more pictures of food than of anything else man. even the boyfriend has slowly been compromising with my habit of always taking pictures of the food before he could indulge in them eventho at that moment he is like super hungry. haha! and when i happened to take it too fast or sometimes don't have my cammie with me, he'll just wait for awhile and then ask if i want to snap the pictures. haha!

    i think my whole melbourne lifestyle is mainly just about the food hunting! more of western, european, modern australian and australian brunches kinda food. i could crave and indulge in any asian food i want once i get back to malaysia anyways. seee... i get the best of both worlds :D and fyi, brunches in malaysia is NOTHING compared to brunches here eventho you could tell that they are trying very hard to make it similar but it is just absolutely not comparable..

    and... despite all these food hunt that i go for, i will NEVER let myself gained too many kilos. i was just reading and looking through my posts from SAM and i was a chub back then! chubby me... seriously..... those 9 kilos made a hell lots of difference i tell you... i promise myself to never go near the 6 mark in the near future ever. not until my pregnancy(because pregnant ladies eat too much and gains alot of weight haha) which will not be in at least another 5 years from now. and god... i sounded so different back then when i blogged. the language and the maturity just seems like a different me on writing because i don't think i've changed much as a person. i guess?

    wokays soo... we shall now see how my week went by,

    totally in love with this coloured jeans. contemplated whether to get it or not and it was just $15. but in the end, i gave it go and totally regretted. went back a couple of days later and they ran out of sizes =/ so sad )):

    one afternoon's lunch. osso bucco sauce with rye bread (:

    and i think this was dinner on the same night. spaghetti bolognese and salad (:

    also... i tidied up my accessories corner. it was a complete mess before this. at least now it looks way neater. and yes, i do have thaaaaaat many accessories :DD plus all the hand accessories like bracelets or hair accessories are all in the drawer underneath. so this is not all... HEHE


    met up with wei ping after classes to hand over her presents :D its just a bag and a top. hopefully she likes it! and then we headed for dessert! i've always wanted to go to le petit gateau and it only opens on weekdays so that was perfect timing! :DD

    look at all those cakes! looks so good weih!

    my brownie and passionfruit chocolate gateau. orgasmic! <3 the size of it may be small to some people and for it's price of $8.50 is considered pricey, but honestly the size is perfect for one person. at least for me is was more than enough. if you would have to give me a bigger piece, i'll be sick of it by the end. and its really really good!

    and... if you happen to be there between 230-5pm, they have like tea time special. add another 50c, in this case, pay $9 and you'll get a slice of cake and a cup of drink. i ordered their dark hot chocolate with baileys (: yumsss! i am starting to like dark chocolate drinks than normal milk chocolate now. simply because milk chocs can be a little too sweet sometimes.

    wei ping's mister green tea.

    and her milk hot chocolate with orange.

    ping :D

    loved the cakes!! soooo good!! :DD one of my favourite cake place in melbourne! (:

    basically the whole outing we just chit chatted and do what girls do best. gossip and shopping (: 

    went into myers and saw all these pretty heels that were on almost 90% discount. fully leather, from $250 to $29..

    and about 5 something i headed for home.

    this is essendon station. where i take trains down to the city and bus to go back home.

    i really like this shot of my feet. no edits whatsoever and it looks so artistic! HAHA!

    got down the bus and realised the sky looked so pretty and so.. i lingered around for awhile capturing some shots before walking home.

    look! the sky colours were so pretty eh? :D and the moon was up also eventho it was just close to 6pm. colourful~

    outfit of the day (: love the whole army green with burgundy satchel and purple coloured jeans combo. plus funky accessories and gladiator sandals! :D


    met up with enlin and melissa after class for tea break at the league of honest coffee (: i am so going back to try their quesadillas! the both of them ordered and it looked so good!

    i was trying to capture the really full and bright moon but unfortunately i don't have the skills to really do it justice. but seriously, its been awhile since i saw the moon so big so round and so bright... 

    aunty D tapaoed some egg tarts. and it was really good! as good as the ones i had in hongkong.


    went out to airport west with aunty D and tapaoed for late lunch for myself. the new serious lamb snack meal (: one lamb snack wrap, small fries and small drink, $5. it is a limited time only kinda thing so i wanted to try it out because i have a thing for lamb. but turns out, nehh nothing too fancy.


    packed all my stuffs and left to clayton. aunty D left for her vacation the night before. which means i am off to the boyfriend's for the month :P got over to clayton, left my stuffs then went back down to the city with dear and his mum. she was going to fly back to malaysia that night itself. brought her luggages and went down to spencer street for last minute shopping. which was just window shopping mostly.

    then headed to lygon street for dinner. one medium sized the lot pizza and another chicken wings and ribs. shared among three (:

    and i was in lygon street. plus i was eating just opposite il dolce freddo. how could i not go and get some awesome roche gelato righttttt..... roche and passionfruit! i am weird that way. i like to have one sweet flavour and another sour flavour. to balance things out. but the bf super hates this sour tastebud of mine. haha!

    after dinner, we sent off his mum to take the skybus to the airport and we left. say yay to seeing the boyfriend everyday for the next month! :D HEHE

    while i was eating croissant for lunch on sunday, mum had awesome homemade laksa over at uncle's place in malaysia =/ i was so jealous!! i tell you... nothing beats this laksa by aunty D's mum. super damn good!!


    had lunch in a cafe nearby uni called roll-a-day. and the sandwiches and roll are pretty good. and the price is reasonable as well. it basically the same as subway just that it is cheaper. i had their vietnamese roll.

    uni on a sunny day. this is just part of the campus. one day, i'll walk the entire campus and capture all the buildings. the one day i meant... is the semester where i'll be graduating on. HAHA!

    our login to the network interface.

    after classes i went down to the city for dinner as it was scheduled for the rest to meet up with the new zealand tourists in town, enlin and melissa. and they are about to board the flight back to auckland as i type..

    but i was in the city considerably early and cherly was done with her training as well. so we met up for chatime before dinner! (: i ordered the usual. passionfruit QQ with less ice less sugar.

    dinner was at oriental spoon. dinner for 7. enlin, melissa, khaishien, jiashen, cherly, me and teckwei.

    they look so cute together man! btw, thats melissa and enlin. haha

    refillable side dishes.


    beef bulgogi.

    kimchi pancake.

    sweet chilli chicken. my favourite dish among all :D

    dinner was nice (: oriental spoon has always been somewhat good anyways. but i am still up for that good korean food hunt also!

    then it was desserts at dessert story. and sheng nee came to join as well. anyways.. i think the snowflake lookalike thing, snowflake still tops it.

    i ordered this and this would be one of the best mango desserts ever! the snow ice was so fluffy! soooooo good :DD

    we called it a night around 9 ish and got back to clayton.

    my outfit of the day! super love the colours! :D and my peplum top from zhuhai is so cute!! :D


    was just nothing but hot 22 degrees weather, completing my lab for tomorrow and napping for three hours then prepared dinner that took me about an hour and a half.

    my infamous meehoon.

    plus pan fried two slices of fish for our dinner for two.

    and lastly.... i am going to end the post with a super cute picture of my little nephew!

    i miss him already!! baobei nam nam..

    wokays... now, i shall continue on with my one tree hill while the boyfriend games on his new game purchase, CS GO. haha!

    nitee ya'll!

    much love,

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