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  1. MY perfect one.

    Thursday, September 27, 2012

    my love. ♥♥

    it has been a year and a half and everyday had been an amazing journey together. every single day without a doubt was everything i wished for. especially this past month that i have been spending day and night with him, just made our relationship stronger than ever.

    its like a total dream come true because he will be the first person i open my eyes to and last person i see before falling asleep (((: i must treasure these three more weeks with him day and night before my aunt gets back and off back to my own room sleeping alone... boooo.. =/

    quoted by him, it is almost like we are "tong kui" (living together officially) already just that instead of living in a house, we are living in a room.

    we goof around so much and laugh about each other all the time till i don't think it is even possible at this point. we talk about absolutely everything, about anyone or anything, whenever we want. i even became a much better chef because of him. now, everyday all i think about it was to cook and eat for dinner :D life has never been better for me (:

    i seemed to have scored a real catch and i am so glad he is mine (: ching teck wei, i love you. <3

    lots of love, sincerely,

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