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    Sunday, September 30, 2012

    the past week was just uni and back to the boyfriend's. nothing special. didn't go anywhere either. and i have been slacking a bit with uni work because there wasn't anything due last week and i just had a test on friday. all i have been doing was just studying for that particular test.

    this coming week pula i got like 3 things due. shereena shereena.... a big slap on your face right now! i somemore thought i have a week more for all this lab reports and labs ))):

    i thought i might as well write up this short post and then write up all those stupid reports. plus tomorrow gotta camp in uni the whole afternoon to work on a lab with the lab partner.

    wokays... so the past few days updates (:

    wednesday, i had only one unsupervised lab hence i was home the whole day.

    i wasn't in the mood to study for exam right after i woke up, so it was eating leftover meehoon and watch new episode of bones first. ahaha!


    the temperature shot up so high....! all the way to 26 degrees. it was time for dresses to uni. but to me, i really think that it was slightly too hot to my liking. my perfect temperature is like 21-23 degrees or so. and with cold breeze. ahahah!

    my outfit of the day.
    high low dress: cotton on
    accessories: lovisa
    skinny belts(such a cute way to tie the belts right!!): portmans
    polka dots shopping bag: cath kidston
    gladiator sandals: asos

    was only in uni for an hour of tutorial. haha then got back studied for my test and made simple dinner because i didn't have time to cook anything fancy. it consumes too much time.

    so it was tom yum yee mee with all the ball ball and cheese tofu and egg for dinner :D

    slept early that night cause i wanted to wake up early and do somemore revision.


    woke up at like 7am and left to uni for test at about 10am. the test was crappy lah... anyways was back from uni only at like 5 something because i got carried away after class with grocery shopping hahaha. one hour grocery shopping. geng.

    in my mind i had all those lists of food that i wanna cook. got kung pou chicken..., nasi lemak with sambal prawns and chicken, claypot chicken rice and etc. hehehe :D

    that night's dinner was kung pou chicken with another dish and rice (:

    shopping haul from last week. bought these two pair of heels for $10 each!! the aldo one is fully leather somemore and can wear for any formal or just day to day shopping!! and the nude bow peep toe mary jane pumps had my eyes on it for quite sometime already. i didn't want to buy it at $20 but now i got it for $10!! omg such a steal for both!! love them!!

    it was steph's birthday as well! i am missing out on her big day ): hopefully the gift i have sending at her way as we speak, is enough to make it up to her! and also makan date when i get back! :D


    woke up so late... close to 2pm. watched grey's anatomy's first episode of the season and i ended it with tears.... )): its so sad seeing how they have to let go of mark... ): emo man! lexi and mark are one of my favourite characters in the series... =/ how is it ever going to be the same without McSteamy... ): aihhhh... things change i guess.....

    anyways, we didn't have any lunch. sooo.. i decided to start cooking dinner earlier. hehe

    my nasi lemak with oven baked chicken and sambal prawns for dinner.

    i marinated the chicken since the day before. after i got back from class. with all sorts of sauces. everything that could be found in the boyfriend's kitchen. then oven it for almost an hour. and the boyfriend said that the chicken was nice! ehehehehe :D so happy to hear! but my nasi lemak was missing cucumber, peanuts and ikan bilis... ): aiya nevermind la, my from scratch nasi lemak with coconut cream tasted and smelled awesome! :DD

    and i also made some cincau/grass jelly for after dinner dessert. prepared it in the afternoon. ehehhe tasted more like kuai lin kou. ate it with gula melaka drizzled all over it as well... just like eating kuai lin kou with normal sugar. ahah!

    about 1 something the boyfriend was hungry. and we ate up everything for dinner so i ovened some chicken fingers for supper :D paired it with garlic chilli sauce! nom nom nom... :DD

    and then went to bed about 3 or so for our before sleep routine. to watch ghetto justice 2 :D still have the last episode to go! shall finish it tonight!

    wheeeeee :PP


    woke up even later... close to 230pm.. heheehe :D

    cooked indomie for lunch! two packets each for the both of us.

    after that, all i have been doing is just sitting beside the boyfriend and staring at him doing his work while i don't know online do what. i only realised i got all those work to do about an hour or so ago.. seriously someone please whack me back to reality.. HEHE

    had rice cooker cooked claypot chicken rice for dinner :D 

    at 10pm.... i know its late but we only had those indomie at like 4pm.. hehe gave khai shien a bowl and he liked it! even the boyfriend likes it!! and i loveee it! wheeeee so happy!!! :DDD


    and today is the mooncake festival.... i want to eat mooncake lah.... ))): aih! i miss the salted egg yolk with lotus paste mooncake! salted egg yolk....T.T my favourite.... )): should have bought at least one that day from asian grocery =/ see i can find any tomorrow or not.. hehehe

    gotta start all my work tomorrow. gonna stay back in uni after classes to do my lab then come home and attend to all the lab reports.

    later, finish up ghetto justice 2 in bed with the boyfie :D wheeeeee :PP

    omg man... i just had like 2 big plates of claypot chicken rice..., how to sleep anytime soon weih! fat die me.. hahaah! but at least fat die till very happy HAHAHA!

    wokays... that's all folks! back to uni tomorrow and back to reality... ): weekend, why you pass by so fast!! arghhhh...!

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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