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  1. hello peeps!

    first and foremost, before i write about the past week, i would like to announce that, i'll be heading to Sydney to celebrate new years eve with the boyfriend!! ♥♥ how cool is that right??! the tickets and hotel are settled. it isn't cheap and isn't easy to find considering every single proper hotel or apartment or anything for that matter is fully booked because it is new years eve and new years eve in Sydney is a huge deal because of the fireworks they have are suppose to be super pretty and it is a major event of the year. hundreds of thousands of people sit by the harbour just to watch the fireworks!

    but yet, i still managed to find us a place right in the middle of the city at an affordable price. right in the heart of everything (: wheeeeee! i am so excited right now!! i can't wait.....!!! i already have a whole list of 4 days 3 nights food expedition planned out. brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert hehehehehe :DD i've even made reservations for hurricanes already :P crazy i know..

    wokays back to the weekly update (:

    monday's outfit. floral plus mint green jeans! and and $5 slipper shoes :D

    dinner i prepared that night. chicken, onion omelette, leftover sambal and stir fried veggies.

    curry powdered grilled chicken thigh fillets :D the boyfriend super loved this! hehe

    after all that heavy dinner, we still managed to get hungry in the middle of the night and we had nuggets. HAHAHAH! fat die me seriously..... ate while watching tvb drama. hehe

    tuesday's outfit. super love my accessories!

    went to clayton town to have lunch with the boyfriend. as usual, the kebab house is always where we go to. shared a large mixed plate (:

    purposely went to clayton town is to go for grocery shopping. but they had a power shortage and the asian grocery and coles were affected. in the end we only came back with vegetables... dinner that night, we went to clayton town again... HAHA! had dinner at petaling street. haha

    for dinner on wednesday night, i cooked curry chicken with some broccoli in it because i was too lazy to prepare another vege dish so i decided to have it all in one. hehehe! 

    thursday night's dinner.

    friday's outfit. it was chilly outside but still a little warm. so i paired a knitted top with a flare skirt. ahahah!

    for dinner, we had leftover of dinner from the night before. and i think we spent the rest of the night just watching movie in bed. basically thats what we do every night. ehehehe life is good :D

    saturday, the boyfriend headed out for some uni work and i made lunch plans with wei ping. and i've always wanted to try out chez dre :D it was a rainy and miserable day but having brunch at south melbourne, at chez dre, made the whole morning felt a lot better :DDD

    their selection of desserts were too much to know whats good because everything looked so good!

    my mocha. whenever they don't serve chai latte, i'll usually opt for mocha (: but still, coffee is never my priority. not at that stage where i appreciate it yet. $4

    ping's hot chocolate. $4

    wei ping's croque madame. $13

    my big breakfast :D $19.50

    look at those oozie poached eggs yolk!

    i ordered one salted caramel macaron to give it a try. but it wasn't that good and it was pricey. $3. i think la belle's macarons are better at a price of $2.50.

    but this apricot cake was soooooogood! SO GOOD! loved it! not too sweet, just perfect. taste, texture, looks were perfect! (: $8.50

    expensive brunch but so worth it!

    after brunch we took the tram to south wharf DFO then to spencer street DFO. hehehe went shopping! i was very tame that day. heheheh :D no impulsive buyings at all. hehehe

    make up, accessories and outfit of the day. love my pastel blue jeans!! :D

    my melbie makan kaki. once she leaves beginning next year, i won't have makan kakis anymore. first i lost yao yun to malaysia, next, i'll be losing wei ping to malaysia too... ):

    got home close to 7pm that night. and went to dinner with teck wei and khai shien at the nando's outlet nearby. i was soo full from lunch but i still managed to squeeze in two chicken thighs and one drumstick and peri peri chips. HAHAHAH!

    yesterday night i cooked mun yee mee for dinner! super happy with the final result :D wheeeeee!

    that pretty much summed up my week. nothing very special because i haven't been going anywhere much. all i have been doing in going to uni and then come back and cook dinner. except for saturday i was finally out for brunch. i miss brunch so much! ): i am hoping to at least do it once in every two weeks. expensive but so worth it! hehehe

    lastly, ending this post with a self shot of me :D no edits at all. purely taken with my cammie with its build in filter :D love my new cammie! :P

    now i shall continue of with one tree hill while the boyfriend studies for his wednesday test. bye peeps!

    lots of love,
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