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    Monday, October 29, 2012

    hey ya'll!

    this is my last week of uni for the semester. and then it'll be exam period and i am so not looking forward to it. i absolutely hate exams so much. like seriously... the whole stress and the routine just kills me. but oh well i could only complain and not get away with it... ):

    anyways last week was nice (: weeks that involves teck wei, shopping and good food and no uni work are always categorised as good weeks :DD

    soo... jump back to the thursday i went over to the boyfriend's,

    went over after classes and the boyfriend was having a very good day as he was done with his design project. completely like a heavy burden being lifted off him. happy him, happy me! (:

    i remember it being a coldish day that didn't need jacket but needed a long sleeve top. so denim shirt it is! and my aviators! both of them are like match made in heaven :D plus my aviators haven't been seeing the light of day in a long time. time to bring out those babies!

    and i cooked rendang chicken and fried two eggs and had them with rice for dinner (:

    my fingernails for the weekend! loveeee both the shades!

    outfit for friday's class :D went all colourful with the top. my $5 factorie tank ((:

    dinner that night. my soggy but tasted not bad nasi kampung when it is served hot. but super duper yucky when it got cold. like YUCKY...!! omggg man!

    end up chucking it out. yes it was bad and i've never cooked anything so bad before like seriously... ): and then spent the whole night watching movies and what not with the boyfriend.

    saturday, had brunch date plans with the boyfie at chadstone (:

    at jones the grocer :D

    which is where i found $50 under the table we sat and for that moment i thought "maybe i could just pick it up and keep it in my pocket." but there was these two ladies sitting beside us and i had to ask if it was theirs. but turns out it wasn't and so happened the waiter passed by so i handed it over to him. because i know that the couple who originally sat at our place wasn't gone for very long and it might be theirs. but coming to think of it now, it might be tips for the waiter already.. haha!

    anyways.. back to the food!

    big breakfast for two please! 

    both with creamy scrambled eggs :D yumssssss!! $17

    after brunch, we just went walking around chaddy for a bit. went for a little window shopping and just enjoying saturday brunch and window shopping day out with the boyfriend (:

    i also bought la belle's macarons! chocolate and blueberry. i asked for earl grey but she gave me blueberry ): but it was nice nonetheless :D

    and then we went grocery shopping to stock up on the boyfriend's exam period food and headed back.

    i went all awww when i saw this pink tree infront of where the boyfriend stays. it is so pretty!

    look at its pretty little pink flowers! :D

    "i will grow strong and pretty despite being shadowed over. life is all about living it to the fullest with whatever that is being thrown at your way..."

    just a side note, my baby really takes awesome pictures! i can't help but to still be amazed by it! :DDDD

    cooked beef rendang for dinner. and it was yucky.... AGAIN!! like seriously.... )):

    i'll stick to cooking chicken next time! and not deviate! i can't believe i cooked two days continuously of yucky food ))): so emo...

    but brightside, had chez dre's caramel cake for dessert! i love the apricot one better but this is good too. thanks to cherly who bought them back for me :D

    spent the night watching one tree hill and vampire diaries, greys anatomy, private practice and supernatural while the boyfriend went out for a short drinking session with some friends.

    vampire diaries shall now be my favourite show and the next would be greys ((:

    and once the boyfriend got back, we just spent the rest of the night giggling about nonsense and just goofing around. hehe!


    woke up close to 3pm. and i was going home with the 4.45pm bus. so yeah... had a pie for lunch and just did nothing. packing and cleaning as per usual lah.. then i was off for home. i love it when the boyfriend sends me out till where i have to get the bus... hehehe! super sweet to me (:

    was home by 6.15pm. and was greeted by the smell of steak with pepper (:

    dinner was salad with steak slices on the top and oranges, capsicums, cucumbers, fresh mint leaves underneath those coarse leaves with thai dressing and SWEET corn plus cous cous (:

    super yums! and super healthy! feels like i can eat so much without even feeling a tiny bit guilty..! HEHEHE :DD


    went to uni. and it was so hot outside!! )): like so so hot and dry... 27 degrees is already killing me! tomorrow it will be 30 degrees and so is the day after. i am seriously so not looking forward to summer AT ALL! and i will have to go through it till early jan before i go back to malaysia! heat is fine with me as malaysia is hot as well but i don't tolerate heat and dryness together. its horrrriiiibbbleeeeeee!! like a freaking giant oven!!

    to embrace the hot weather today.

    after dinner i went out for an hour walk around the neighbourhood with aunty D. it was nice going for exercise after dinner. feels better in some way or maybe its just me thinking haha!

    oooo and now i am super into skater skirts and dresses! whee to cobalt blue skater skirt! :D love love LOVE!

    gotta head to bed soon. tomorrow i have an early class at 930am which means 830am out of the house ): those who knows me well enough... i don't do well with waking up early :P HEHE!

    omgggg my room is so hot! and with the heat season coming, i have tiny little insects in my room and mosquitoes. no fun ): summer i don't like you at all.....

    the boyfriend is having his first paper tomorrow. hopefully things turns out well (: he'll always be MY smarty pants despite whoever thinks whatever ((:

    oh and i've recently downloaded the nuffnangx app. and it has been pretty fun! its like instagram but in blogs form instead of pictures. and its like all the blogs you love reading in one feed. super convenient! (:

    that's it for now! goodnight peeps!

    much love,
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