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  1. hello peeps!

    to run your fingers through straight smooth clean hair feels so good! i finally started using my straightener again after like months of not touching it. plus..with the oil and all that, super love how my hair feels right now! but..tomorrow it will be a whole new different story i think? cause usually good hair days don't stay very long for me. )):

    anyways... i'll be heading over to the boyfriend's tomorrow after classes! in the end, we only parted for 3 days. and i'll be spending the coming 4 days with him. shoooooo nice :D and since he is done with his fyp's report stress, it'll be good news for me too. at least i'll be getting a churpier him for the next couple of days. then he'll be in his exam stress. but i still get happy him, so i am happy :DDD

    the past three days has just been me spending time with aunty D. she is still on leave and i haven't been very busy with uni classes, so i've been spending time talking to her about her past 7 weeks holidays and also going out with her.

    monday, we went over to essendon DFO because the cousins back home gave me a list of demands on the ralph lauren items they wanted. and since me and aunty D hasn't been there in awhile, we thought of swinging by to browse and see what are the sales like. turns out, ralph lauren was having a 70% sale off the recommended retailed price, it was the perfect time for me to clear out those demands from home!

    i ended up spending $485 on 12 pieces of clothes! wayyyy cheaper than home of course and it was a good sale!

    but downside, my account is $485 lesser.... so sadddd seeing the digits went down on a purchase that neither any of the item were mine. ahahaha!

    but but i bought this pair of floral jeans!! when i saw it i was like, "i had to get it!!" it was speaking to me in some way because it was sooooo pretty!

    the flowers are really pretty with its pink and purple. and its a cream base which is exactly what i have been wanting and it was not with a harmful price tag! oh so happy!! i've been searching for the right flower print, the right jeans colour and the right price for a couple of months already... hehehehe found it finally! :DD

    tuesday, went to uni for an early class as was home before 12pm.

    breakkie! the limited time only mighty mcmuffin. yumssss!

    then went to moonee ponds with aunty D. just went browsing and grocery shopping.

    bought myself my first falsies! i've never used them and this one is very subtle. purposely chose something more natural because i didn't want anything dramatic.

    and also, painted my toes. OPI's suzi says feng shui (:

    oh and look look! my cute little precious <3 

    today, didn't have any classes because the lab wasn't running this week. so i got up like 1230pm or something and just lazed around the house for abit.

    even watched the Lucky One. like finally!! and it was nice. typical happy ending love story but with some struggle. 

    then went out to highpoint with aunty D. the place looks so different now with its extended areas. looks like a different mall at that particular part. haha!

    outfit for today (: the weather was gloomy but it was dry and warm. hence the jeans shirt just in case if it gets cold and the short bodycon skirt just cause it is warm out there (:

    bought another pair of falsies from daiso for $2.80. and its not bad (: i didn't have my eyelash curler with me because i left it at the boyfriend's but this picture is just to see how it looks like with and without.

    oh and i took these pictures of pretty violet flowers from the backyard! super love pictures my baby takes!! so clear and prettyyyyyyy :D mama's happy (:

    and on a side note, i really love this mint green aztec print peplum top from dotti! but i couldn't find my size anywhere )): so sadddddd... )): right now, i am having this thing for peplum tops :P

    hehehehe me and my clothes and shoes and bags and accessories. basically me and everything.. HEHE!

    wokays got to go! skyping with the boyfriend now and i gotta tidy up my room. just in case if aunty D comes in sometime in the next 4 days. haha! it needs to be presentable :P

    goodnight folks!

    sher xoxo.

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