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  1. Macau June 2012 trip :D

    Saturday, October 13, 2012

    i am bored and in the monash engineering lab with the boyfriend. while he does his final year project, i guess i shall blog about my long gone Macau and Hong Kong trip. i'll most likely only cover Macau for now and do the Hong Kong one another time.

    My 20th to 22nd June 2012 Macau trip

    the only thing i look forward to in Macau is just food. food and nothing else because there isn't really much to do in Macau. well there is gambling in huge ass super high class casinos but i don't gamble in casinos and shopping there is just too expensive and branded for me to even consider. so yeah... that only leaves me with food. thats why spending two full days in Macau is more than enough for me. i'll just get bored after two days..

    our flight was at about 630am or so.

    breakkie to start the day.

    my chicken mcmuffin with egg :D

    once i got in the plane, went straight to the last row because it was empty and had all three seats to myself. slept till our plane landed. ahaha! :DD

    Macau DAY 1,

    i think it was an almost 4 and a half hour flight, once we touched down, got our baggages and all that, we took a bus back to get to our hotel. the hotel that we were staying was near the Hong Kong and Macau ferry terminal. so what we did was, we took a bus to the terminal and walked back to our hotel. about 10 minutes walk.

    in the bus (:

    once we got to the hotel, we checked in, dropped our luggages and we took a bus to the Ruins of St Paul.

    our hotel. on Malaca street. notice the similarities with Malacca is because Macau is still very much Portugese related.

    had our lunch at some random shop.

    the place is like a packed small old architectured and hilly town. basically this is like a small shopping place while you walk up towards the ruins of the old fort.

    but first, eat ngau chap! :D yumssss but it was like so so spicy because they ordered the spiciest sauce. haha!

    bro and mum.

    a random shot from inside of an old museum thingy or something?

    Macao Water. so vintage-y this shot.. haha!

    food everywhere. literally.

    Koi Kei's portugese egg tarts :DD

    old streets of Macau.

    The Ruins of St Paul. love this shot that i took!

    wheeeee! :D 

    i've been here twice and i've never walked up those steps. it was too damn hot that day i couldn't even be bothered to walk up and take a look.

    the big bunch of 10 traveling kakis. i was the photographer for the whole entire trip. so yeahh... i'll hardly be in pictures..

    after that, we headed back to the hotel to rest. it was too hot and too tiring that the rest was seriously in need of.

    our hotel room. one room 4 person. the bed is big enough for two.

    clean toilets.

    and the view from our room. thats the Hong Kong and Macau ferry terminal with the helipad on the roof.

    my flight outfit (:

    rested and bathed and then went out for more exploring and dinner.

    went to the City of Dreams to walk around while some went into the casino. City of Dreams is a combination of Hard Rock and Crown hotel. and the Venetian is just across the road.

    mummy dearest :D

    we then took the free casino bus from city of dreams back to the ferry terminal.

    all casino buses goes to the ferry terminal anyways. and then hopped onto another bus and went for dinner.

    just a small little coffee shop nearby the road leading to the ruins of st paul.

    food for the night. i can't even remember what is what anymore. hahah!

    after dinner, we went for a stroll around Macau's night scene and just to walk off the heavy meal we had earlier.

    came across a carriage infront of the Grand Emperor Hotel.

    a lamboghini pulling a carriage. how cool is that?!

    mum and aunty and uncle went back to the hotel to rest while us youngsters went for more exploring :D

    dessert at yee shun.

    seung pei nai with red bean. nehhh not my thing. its like custard but fully milk. too milky to my liking. and i expected it to be like jelly-ish but it isn't. totally like custard but pure milk.

    then we walked over to the shopping area near the ruins of st paul for some pictures.

    the night lights.

    and the emo band poster. HAHA!

    we called it a night after that and headed back to the hotel to rest. too tiring considering our day started since 5 in the morning.

    my outfit for the night. i noticed everyone was staring at my aussie flag pockets. cute whaaaaat :P

    Macau DAY 2,

    one day trip to ZHUHAI.

    early in the morning after breakfast, we took a mini van from the hotel to the border gate. the hotel provides free shuttle buses to the ferry terminal and to the border gate everyday. which is pretty convenient.

    this is the border gate immigration building.

    basically all you do is walk through it. stamp your passport and stuff and voila..

    you'll be over at the other side in Zhuhai. which is very china like just that they still speak cantonese.

    went to McD for snacks and was munching on sweet sweet zhuhai lychees. :D

    then went for proper lunch. apparently they are famous for goose drumstick on rice (ngo pei fan) but nehhhh i don't like it at all. the hong kong ones were wayyyy better...

    after that was just all about shopping. things were really cheap there. you know like sungei wang cheap and like sungei wang structured as well. everything is everywhere! but i managed to shop quite a few full bags of clothes and accessories and what not :D

    about 7pm we left back to Macau and went back to our hotel. kept our stuffs and went out for dinner. we wanted to try authentic Portugese food and we were recommended by the hotel's bell boy on this place which is about 10 minutes walk away from our hotel.

    dinner that night was different. and some of the dishes were really good where as some was just okay.. its was kinda pricey too but for the experience i suppose :D my first proper authentic Portugese food (: i was too lazy to carry out the DSLR that night so the pictures are taken by my horrible iphone4 camera. hahaha!

    after dinner we took one of those free casino buses to the Venetian. some wanted to go gamble where as i wanted to go and find wi-fi to contact the boyfriend. but noooooooo i walked practically everywhere in the entire place, there wasn't any free wi-fi at all. was so sadddd that night ):

    took this while waiting for the bus back from the Venetian to the ferry terminal. its the new "IT" casino in Macau, The Galaxy. OMG super duper huge man! and so so so so many lightings. super damn bright! i think it is still an understatement because its beyond words on how much money they spend on just lighting up the whole place.

    my outfit for the day (: bought those RM5 polka dot flip flops from zhuhai because i can't stand my own flat shoes anymore. too flat and too painful hahaha!

    we called the night after that.

    Macau DAY 3,

    packed all of our stuffs and was checking out at 10 or 11am i couldn't remember.

    wore a dress that i bought from zhuhai. 3 for RM50 :D

    we left our luggages at the hotel lobby and took a bus out for the famous Portugese Tart! my absolute favourite. it was the only thing i was looking forward to in Macau. because the first day we arrived the shop was closed.

    Margaret's Cafe! 

    omg omg the portugese tart is like the best ever ok! i miss this ): i want to go back to Macau just for this )): we even met the lady boss, Margaret. such a coincidence because the last time i went, i didn't manage to see her. and this time, the crowd was even crazier! 

    i want to eat it again )):

    after eating like 3 tarts, we left back to our hotel to get our luggages. and had to catch a ferry to Hong Kong. we hopped onto the free hotel shuttle to the ferry terminal.

    scheduled for the 230pm ferry to Hong Kong and we were stopping at Kowloon.

    the ferries are pretty well maintained in case if any of you didn't know. quite comfy as well.

    a picture of me and mum before i fell asleep for the entire journey.

    it takes about an hour to reach Kowloon. but the weather that day was pretty bad and the sea was rather rough. i think we took more than an hour to reach. the ride was pleasant but i still managed to sleep through it. ahah! feel a little quizzie when i woke up but it wasn't too bad (:

    so yes that concludes the Macau trip post! god knows when i will update on the Hong Kong trip. ahaha! :D for now, this will have to do. this was my first official trip that i learnt to document it down with a DSLR so... i was still very noob with the settings. haaha! the white balance totally made me go all blurred.. i am still learning! don't mind the not consistent shots. eheheh :D

    gotta head back to MA as me and the boyfriend ordered pizza for dinner :D wheeeeee!

    till the next weekly post...,

    lots of love,

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