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    Sunday, September 09, 2012

    it is late and the boyfriend isn't back from the final year project work that he is doing in uni. and i am worried for it being late already and also of how stressed out he is right now. and to ease all of this over thinking, i indulge myself with mango puddings and one tree hill.

    the week spent with him being around in less than 10 steps feels good :D but also, i've been appointed the chef because if i don't cook, we would be spending a hell lot on frozen food and also eating out. so yeah, say hello to grocery shopping and cracking the head to think of what to cook!

    wednesday night's dinner was asam seafood and stir fried vege (:

    i am very satisfied with my asam seafood :D

    thursday night was curry chicken and stir fried vege. stir fried vege is the only vege dish i know of. so yeah...

    friday after classes i met up with celine and sheng nee for late lunch. well... more like i was the only one eating because i haven't had anything to eat at all and we met up around 3pm and the only had coffee. haha!

    i suggested the league of honest coffee just because i wanted to try their quesadillas and i ordered their smoked chicken one :D i really liked it! but apparently, according to sheng nee, mad mex ones are better. i guess one day i'll try and see.

    i am happy with how it turn out and tasted :D $7.50 is a pretty decent price. but i don't fancy their coffee.

    that night i cooked carbonara for dinner (: i could just eat the sauce just like that and i would be happy about it. haha!

    yesterday afternoon i went down to the city with the bf for lunch date :DD

    it was a wet morning. and i somehow was trying to capture the wetness and make it artistic. but i think i only made it halfway. haha!

    but then the sun sorta came out a little bit and yet it was showering. totally whacked up weather! plus it was soooooooo windy for the past few days!!

    love love love my $15 smoking slippers :D

    kokoro ramen on lonsdale street.

    the boyfie with his PVZ game.

    chicken karaage.

    our ramens. but it tasted "meh" only la. i've had better ones and these were just alright and so overpriced!

    we even had hot sake. but it was not nice! i've been reminded why i don't like sake before this..

    after lunch, we went to do some grocery shopping. and according to the boyfriend i get very happy when i go shop for snacks. i light up just by looking and choosing all those snacks. hahaha! what to do... i am super wai sek :DDD

    dinner was at some korean bbq place in carnegie with a bunch of them.

    the bestfriend bought back mud cake for me for after dinner dessert. because they went to some cake place in oakleigh after dinner which i didn't follow for. and the mud cake was good! not too sweet :P

    this afternoon, went down with cherly to the city for brunch. along with another of her friend and her boyfriend.

    somewhere in one of the alleys nearby the bourke street mall and the royal arcade.

    my soy chai.

    and three of us girls ordered the zucchini and corn fritters. and it was good! totally changed my mindset on corn fritters because i was never a fan. but this had zucchini in it and it tasted so much better plus it wasn't the usual hard-like-ones. this was like a vege muffin. fluffy! and it was for $14. i would say pretty worth it (:

    after that we just went shopping or more like window shopping because i bought nothing. very unusual haha! and we spent an hour in the Melissa shoe shop in QV. i am totally in love with their jelly flats but its so expensive! ):

    got back to MA around 6 something and an hour later we went out for dinner in clayton town which i ordered nothing because i was full from the bread i had before that. after that, the boys headed back to uni for work and i got back to munch on more bread and watch more of one tree hill.

    btw, the boyfie is back now. after hearing so many of other people's footstep outside the door, finally it was him outside the door.

    now, i am off to either watching a movie or one tree hill or sleeping.



    on the side note, is it ridiculous to hate a person you've never known? hate them yet have this feeling of wanting to know everything about them? it has been two years and i still can't get this agitated feeling off me. i just DON'T like her.


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