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    Monday, September 17, 2012

    hellos! i am still over at the boyfriend's (: and will be here for the next month as well. oh so happy! i think the longest i've ever seen him continuously is like 2 to 3 weeks. now is like 6 weeks straight weih... damn awesome!

    as you guys can already tell..., i am a once a week kinda blogger now. one week apart post with everything dumped into it. sorry lah! i procrastinate too much when it comes to blogging because if its a daily thing, i won't have much stuff to blog. all i do everyday is eat and watch one tree hill and sleep and uni.

    but but now i have one week of spring break! so it's all about sleeping and eating and movies. HEHEHE!

    anyways back to the weekly update. mainly on food :DD mainly on the food i've been cooking! i think i am becoming a pretty good cook already! HEHEHE :PP

    tuesday night's dinner. tom yum mee hoon (: 

    wednesday it was chaddy's VIP sale and i was meeting the boyfriend after class for some shopping :D

    sushi lunch for two.

    and i found out that chaddy opened a La Belle Miette cart (: i couldn't resist but to wanna buy and eat.

    look at all the colourful macarons laaaaa! i wanna eat everything!

    in the end, settled with only 4 because it was too expensive. $2.50 each leh.... clockwise: chocolate, raspberry, lavender and violet blueberry. the chocolate one was the bomb!! the most expensive, $2.80. shared half each with the boyfriend :P

    my buyings (: i am super in love with the burgundy colour right now! i don't know what colour should i call this also.... burgundy? maroon? wine? but as long is i love them!

    the boyfriend's purpose of going is to get himself a shirt for his upcoming ball on thursday.

    and i super love him in this shirt! mainly because he looks good and also i was the one who chose the shirt and the tie! i really like both the shirt and the tie! he is gonna be my hot boyfriend wearing these :DD i love guy's shirt with the piping. gives it an extra edge and it could be dressy and casual and still look so good!! i'll take picture of him wearing it definitely!!

    my cute boyfriend pigging :P

    thursday night's dinner. curry/tom yum fried rice :D

    me and the boyfriend spent 5 hours in the night just talking and talking instead of sleeping eventho we have classes the next day. right from the sky was dark till it was bright. and in that 5 hours, i got to know so much about him that i never knew. after that talk, i am so comfortable talking to him about everything because we broke through that barrier already. it was so much fun knowing about his life and his past. i am so glad i found him (: so glad that our relationship turned out so well :D

    friday night's dinner (:

    my only outfit of the day picture of the week. haha! super love burgundy and army green and the tan combo!

    saturday, i insisted of going down to the city for lunch with the boyfie. and i've always wanted to try andrew's hamburgers! so it was burger for lunch it is! lunch date with the boyfriend (:

    over in albert park.

    super friendly people!

    this is the owner. Greg Papas. super friendly as well!

    super huge and awesome burger!!! $10.50 is a tad bit pricey but to me it is worth it lo.... the melbourne style "ramly". the only difference is the patty and a thicker slice of tomato. but damn awesome!! :DD


    and after.. my try on artistic shots :D while waiting for the tram...

    the boyfie :P his baggy sweater, baggy jeans and those shoes. so typical his kinda style... baggy! hahah!

    took back the tram back into the city for dessert :D

    and to dessert story we went! shared among the two of us.

    but i still prefer the mango one. i was envying the girl eating it hence the picture. should have ordered that instead... ):

    the boyfriend has been busy with the PVZ game these days..

    over in huntingdale station while waiting for the bus.

    colourful graffiti (:

    dinner that night, pan fried tasmanian salmon and stir fried vegies :D

    my snacks collection! these keeps me and my tummy super duper happy! i have a thing for chocolates and mangoes and mochis :DD the two men, ben and jerry's chocolate fudge brownie makes my taste bud super damn happy!

    yesterday night's dinner. beef bolognese.

    and today is the official start of my spring break for a week :DD and all i did was sleep eat and watch one tree hill. hahaha! the life of a student on holiday :DD

    and for the first time i cooked claypot chicken rice out of a rice cooker (: and it turned out pretty good for a first timer. i kinda liked it! and so does the boyfriend. that's enough to make me happy (:

    that sums up my week!

    now i am just going to lay back and enjoy my holidays and do some revision. i have a test next friday )): boooo...

    the boyfriend is still out in uni doing his work and i over at cherly's hearing her skype with her family. life has been pretty good as i am staying with the boyfriend and the bestfriend is just down the hall :D

    off to some gossips and then back to the room to watch my one tree hill.

    nights peeps!

    lots of love,
    sher xoxo.
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