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  1. an almost 3 weeks long update (:

    Thursday, August 02, 2012

    i am back in melbourne! :D the weather is so cold....! all i want to is hide under the quilt and never come out! hahah! i think i got used to the malaysian heat and when the days are wet and windy, i felt like i couldn't stand the cold like i did before. oh wells i'll get used to this in no time one lah :P hehe

    i haven't been blogging much about my trip back to malaysia. even this post is just gonna be a full pictures post with slight captions. major stuffs like my belated 21st celebrations with friends and singapore trip would have to wait... i am getting lazier by the day to blog properly.. sorry!

    okays the pictures will date back to 10th of july onwards.. to be warned first, it is a super long post!

    went to pyramid one afternoon with mum and cousin's gf to get my new toy!

    my baby! which i made everyone give me angpaus for me to collect funds for this gorge thing instead of giving me presents. hehehehe! sooooo its from everybody! :D

    i finally have a super decent system camera that serves its purpose close to a dslr camera.

    anddddd... its white! super love! <3

    also had lunch at carls junior.

    my bacon western cheeseburger? yums! :D

    went to taman tun for tea at starbucks and i was trying out the art filters on my new cammie :D

    dinner that night was at edo ichi at first subang mall. loveeeeee japanese food! :D

    was digging out old stuffs from my locked drawer and i found all of this..

    my box filled with memories dated back to standard 6. but somewhere along the line there aren't any recent updates in there already. but still good memories lies within! especially old crush letter and cards and pictures! hehe

    me at the age of 6. i never knew how to smile in pictures right until form 4, i blossomed! yes, i only started smiling in pictures since form 4. before that, all i gave was that forceful grin.. HAH!

    my first camera! don't know if it still works. this thing made my last day of primary school super memorable. i went all over just snapping and snapping eventho it ran on films. hahah!

    the next day, 11th of july, 

    had lunch with the grandparents in pavilion. at manhattan fish market.

    tried out one of my new camera's effect. everything became miniatured. hahah!

    they were in matching clothes. hehe

    i was standing at the pavilion jockey area waiting for mum to come and pick me up and all i saw were super sexy cars coming in non stop. seriously non stop!

    on my birthday, 12th of july,

    started off the day with breakfast and red eggs made by mum (:

    totally love my key pendant with tiny diamonds all over it and chain from mum, aunty and uncle. love it love it!

    (: love my new cammie too!

    tea time at seksyen 19's boston cafe.

    dinner was in sentul with mum and the cousins :D

    fernie bought me a red velvet cupcake :DD

    ended the night with perfectly good catch up with the good friends in melur. these three are the bestest! :D

    my birthday pressie from the boyfriend. always wanted a thomas sabo charm bracelet and now i finally got my hands to it. super love this combo from him :D

    pressies :D:D

    had a mini s9 gathering at asia cafe the next day for dinner.

    ended up with indomie haha!

    after that was drinks at oregi before calling it a night around 11pm.

    saturday 14th of july,

    started the day with nasi lemak for breakkie! :D mum knows me best ((:

    was in lagoon the whole afternoon with yao yun and steph for a clinique event. makeups and photoshoot. haha!

    my cute grandma :DDD

    later that night, had a birthday celebration with the family at home. potluck party!

    when it comes to my family gatherings, it will always involve tonnes of food and gambling. HAHAHA!

    my cute nephew (((: so adorable!

    sunday afternoon took the two cousin sisters out and treated them dessert :D wanted snowflakes at first but it wasn't open yet so we settled down with black ball.

    sunday night i was out celebrating with the close friends. a more elaborated post will be specifically for it, IF i don't get lazy :D hehehe

    monday, 16th's lunch was at Plan B in Paradigm mall.

    dinner was ramly! kambing special tambah cheese.

    and supper was nasi lemak all the way from sea park. hehe :P

    next day went to bangsar's antipodean for lunch :D

    and to buy this charm. present from mum. love it!!

    gym session. (((:

    wednesday pula go back paradigm mall again. this time, ramen for lunch :P

    dinner was RAMLY! the more awesome one, daging special tambah cheese :DDDDD yums! amazebombs! but i only had it twice... ):

    cherly sent me a picture of my darling. see lah his hair so so long... hahah!

    por por made my favourite snack! nian kao sandwiched between yam slices :DD

    before heading to singapore, dinner was at a japanese place in kk.


    a weekend in singapore with two besties. the post will be up soon? HEHE i am getting really lazy at blogging long posts. haha!!

    monday afternoon went to pyramid to get some stuffs for the boyfriend.

    and dinner was with the grandparents. saw them for the last time before i headed back to melbourne.

    finally had my french onion soup craving satisfied. been craving for it for so long! and tgif's is super awesome! yumsssss! 

    niceeeee food!

    tuesday brunch and movie date with yao yun :D brunch was at plan b and movie was the amazing new spiderman at pyramid (:

    dinner was with mum's friends in kl.

    25th of july, wednesday, breakkie with qihong at melur. i miss our early morning breakfasts )):

    then went lunch with mum and a aunty at publika :D had my last japanese meal before i came back. i have been eating so so so much japanese food in the past month in malaysia :DD so happy!

    dinner was at sunway area to celebrate grandma's birthday :DD

    thursday night went dinner with yao yun, steph and dicky in pyramid's kenny rogers. bad idea to wear the same coloured shirt as dickson altho it was unplanned. HAHAH!

    then was yc with the rest of the people around in melur. more people came after that which i didn't take picture of. anyhow.. i miss them!

    the building which i love most out of the kl skyline. especially when it is lighted up at night. oh so preety!

    before flying back.

    and then i am back... back to my baby and also back to uni next week. which is not fun but oh wells. i'll write up another post on the journey back and the being back so far post in the next few days.

    this post itself took me like 3 4 days to put up. total of 170 pictures ler.... super tiring! or maybe i am just getting lazier :P HEHE

    thats it peeps!


    much love,

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