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    Saturday, August 18, 2012


    the week had been so far so good. the only complain is the crazy melbourne weather. one minute rain then another minute shine. total pms all over...!

    uni yesterday with only one hour of productive tutorial.

    today, is the more than just typical weekend for me. despite the weather being horrible with its completely wet morning, the afternoon turned out pretty decent. at least we saw some sun. had lunch scheduled for in the city and i woke up late.. so instead of catching the bus, i missed it and the only other alternative is the 15 minutes walk down to the train station. which i had to run for the train at the end because i was taking my own sweet time walking.. i was kinda feeling the after rain chillness and the smell of fresh rain on the grounds... HAHA!

    lunch was scheduled for dear and his mum. i don't know if anyone of you reading would feel what i felt but, i was totally nervous as to where to bring them for lunch ok.... later it is too expensive or too small portion or not the taste they expect. yeap... the nerves kicked it last night when i started feeling the tense of meeting one of the folks. not that i've not met before but just today was different. it was just the three of us so it was kinda nerve wrecking at the beginning..

    we settled for brunch in one of the cafes on degraves.

    my atlantic scrambled. with smoked salmon, feta, spinach and avocado and on toast. it was nice (: i thoroughly enjoyed it and i was filled by the end. so filling!

    after our meal, we walked to vic market. just went browsing and candy hunting. and by the end of it was grocery shopping. everything was going cheap so they bought veggies and meat. about 3 ish we headed for home. the sky looks intimidating because it looks like it was going to pour. i suggested them to head back before it rains.

    parted ways in melbourne central. they headed back to clayton and i detoured to southern cross for some sales browsing before i headed home. yeah... it was just browsing. the things weren't very attractive.. there isn't anything eye catching and also i went for just a quick look. i barely went through the whole place. my headache started kicking in and my mood was down the drain by then. headaches makes me cranky...

    came home, popped a pain killer and napped for an hour. then it was all good (: not only that, i think i made a fairly impression today. *i hope?* oh wells, according to the boyfriend, it was all good. so i am happy! :DD

    me today :D in two different shades of filter (:


    my very homey corner. it has all the familiar faces on the wall. all the memories that makes me who i am now. *just ignore my completely messed up table* and yes... i know thats alot of bags... a girl can never have enough ok :DD

    one of my babies. my mac (: love it to bits and i changes its cover recently. i won't trade it for anything else until it totally dies on me. for now, it has been 3 years and it is still serving me very well. no complains at all and i am a very happy mama :DD


    so.... i've finished the 50 Shades trilogy. found free reads online and it totally occupied my last three days. one day, one book. i really enjoyed it. i don't read as much as some people do, but it really intrigued me and I liked it. once i finished the first book, i HAD to continue on. yes it is intense. yes it is steamy. but i think i am more captured in the love story. and the humour. the love is real and i can't help but to dream about love like that. despite it being "the perfect love story" in its own twisted way, it is still somehow real. not like those that you know the love will only happen in books. but this, you know it will happen in real too. and Christian Grey is sooo perfect on the outside from what he was described but in the inner he is just 50 shades... while i was reading, i am rooting for Ian Somerhalder to play him. he would be the perfect one simply cause he is so perfect on the outside and such a mystery in the inside. and OMG THOSE EYES!! HAHAH!!

    i can't help but to unleash my american dream in me. i'd only wonder what my american dream would bring to me some day. for sure an adventure i'll never forget. definitely (:

    whenever i think about anything american, it plants this silly smile across my face. from cheek to cheek. i would be living in a tiny little happy bubble right (:

    p/s i just ordered the trilogy box set. HAHA! i like to keep books i enjoyed reading (: and maybe read it again someday.

    till then,

    lots of love,
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