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  1. yesterday....

    aunty D made yam cake (: it was a first try and it was delish. a taste from home is always nice and it gets to the heart.

    the flowers off the plum tree in the backyard. so pretty aren't they? 

    and from some random tree in clayton. flowers looks prettier to me when the resemble the japanese sakura flower. makes me feel as tho even i've never seen one in japan, i've encounter something similar nearby. which is enough for me (:

    yesterday's me.

    the view from my bedroom window at sundown. sometimes i get purple skies at sunset. just not today...

    as i've said, my homey corner. the pictures of everyone familiar. the pictures of everyone close at heart. the souvenirs i get from home. cards from true friends. postcard from loved one. souvenirs from trips. i am blessed to be surrounded by all this love <3

    and i've vowed. someday, i will step foot into the big apple. definitely. regardless of what the obstacles may be.

    p/s the pictures were all from my new cammie. the baby takes good pictures huh? super in love with it! <3<3


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