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    Thursday, August 09, 2012

    greetings loved ones.. yes the D was intentional. sounded more.. well sophisticated is the only word i could come up with right now.

    i have been home the whole entire day. skipped uni because it was just only ONE lecture at 930am (which means waking up at 735am) and it was pouring rain outside. so yeah instead, i slept straight till about 12 something. and it was still gloomy and rainy out there.

    and all i have been doing the whole entire day.. well apart from eating a lot, i've been watching episodes of castle. one after the next. till about 20 minutes ago i decided to stop and keep myself updated with the blogosphere a little. and one thing is depressing over time, people drop out of blogging over the long run. good for them i guess but a tad bit sad for me because i am really running out of things to do on the internet. you can only refresh your facebook news feed so many times till only one feed pops up. especially when there are a few blogs you keep up with but they just became private and you're one down.

    decided to blog about the week than cleaning up the mess i've made in my room. i think a pigsty is more organise than this because all it has is pigs and mud. where as mine? well... lets just say it looks horrifying if my mum would have seen it. *yes mi, i'll get it cleared up by the end of tomorrow :D*

    uni is boring and sad on its first week. because everything isn't running yet. everything but lectures. so yeah it is sad and boring.

    one day i decided to take a walk in moonee ponds before heading home. needed to run some errands and this one day happened to be filled with sunshine instead of the ridiculously wet day we had today.

    the typical scene on puckle street.

    moonee ponds central. just an in between arcade that leads out to another building that has kmart in it.

    my lunch. the typical salmon hand roll and with a plus one peking duck this time.

    let me tell you about my eating cycle on that day. these two hand rolls were for lunch. and fyi, i only eat one for lunch usually. then i went home and heated up a pie for tea. then almost two plates of pasta for dinner. and another smaller bowl of pasta for supper. omggggg right??!! until right now, my hunger still keeps coming. i think at a rate like this, it'll be catastrophic by the end of the month. someone.. anyone... an explanation of which why i am suddenly eating the way i do? i really need to know...

    anyways, back to shots of myself. ((:

    me that day. wasn't feeling up to putting on something fancier. it was just uni and errands. neh no one would see me :P

    and had a mini rose clip clipped on my hair bun. glad that i made this last minute purchase when i was in h&m hong kong :D

    the bus ride home.

    the bright pink scarf and its little patchy white heart plus my bottle. HAHA!

    well.. after that being home, all i did was eat and unpack and watch castle and eat and eat somemore.. then again, in between those, there were breaks for some self shot :D

    i look drunk and yellow. haha

    and i am very into this pretty dress from h&m. the mustard yellow bodycon dress. 

    after that, i called unpacking a night. you must be wondering whats the unpacking gotta take so long. unless i have like all sorts to unpack. but the truth is, i just get distracted half of the time. like if i am unpacking my skirts, i will start cleaning up the skirts section in my wardrobe. then i'll be putting on stuff and see if it still fits. later on... i just get tired of unpacking and leave the whole dump there and hope i'll get back to it the next day. which in this case, i did none of that today. HAHA!

    well.. the week has so far been quite alright, i shall hope my weekend would be better. which in my book, involves good food and good company :D

    good night peeps!


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