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    Tuesday, August 14, 2012


    so the weekend went by pretty alright. friday was cherly's birthday and a bunch of us headed out to docklands for dinner.

    hand picked out a dress for the occasion (: 

    i have dresses like this sitting inside the closet waiting for its turn to see the light of day because there really isn't that many places i could wear them to. for me, at most would just be dinners.

    and the kicks for the night :D paired them with a sheer mini bows tights (:

    after all the delays, we finally got there 15 minutes past reservation time. typical malaysian timing i would say... haha!

    a nice restaurant by the waterfront. a block of building just sitting right on the waterfront.

    the ambience was great (:

    the company for the night. 

    and of course me being the typical asian, pictures of food had to be involve somewhere down the line. hahah!

    lemon lime and bitters.

    the antipasto platter for two. shared with the boyfriend (: it was a lot but neh nothing great. should have just stayed with a bowl of spicy potato wedges. haha!

    dear's seafood marinara.

    my potterhouse steak with mushroom sauce.

    and the best dish of the night, khai shien's wild mushroom and chicken penne. simple and cheap and it was the nicest amongst all!

    and.. my boyfriend who doesn't smile to the camera... plus that funny looking hair.. WAIT! it'll grow and he'll look good HAHA!

    my new cammie takes pretty good picture huh? the lightings in the restaurant were horrible for pictures. yet the pictures indoor turned out pretty good eh? :P

    the food turned out to be just normal. cheap but normal. don't see myself coming back anytime soon...

    the scene outside. which a bunch of colourful suited mens/boys who invaded the picture. HAHA!

    the girlfriend (: hope you had a blessed birthday! <3

    apparently jia shen owns a nice shirt for nice occasion. HAHA! 

    and the MA hommies. hehe

    ended the night with a slice of mud cake from cafe greco's in south yarra ((:

    and of course i HAD to self capture shots of myself. its rare that i have thicker than usual eyeliner on so of course i had to (:

    the next day, saturday,

    went down to the city with dear and cherly and jia shen. we were heading for lunch but in two separate places. me and dear were heading to Monga to use up our scoopon where as they were heading to brunch i think?

    monga. hong kong style food.

    he is thinking hard on what to choose. haha!

    you get a bowl of cream soup each.

    drinks (: my case, coconut mango with mango jelly. his case, watermelon with aloe vera.

    and a cheese baked rice each. i ordered their seafood fried rice.

    he ordered their yinyang chicken and prawns fried rice. obviously both topped with cheese.

    well... the dishes were mediocre. nothing to shout about. just that it is cheap. $16 for two person with all of that. i would say it is worth the money. the both of us miss the kim gary cheese baked rice instead. hahah

    teck wei insisted that this is some sort of "magic". having it to stand on itself. hahaha! but i figured out prettyy fast on how it works after that ok... :D

    after lunch, we headed straight back to clayton cause he has some work to catch up with. and dinner for us was a tough call. there isn't much left to cook with and so... i settled with... 5 packets of..

    indomie! :DD oh please i really don't mind (: plus i think i have adapted a fairly good skill on cooking the perfect indomie according to my taste buds. HAHA!

    and the way the boy likes it. a slice of kraft single on the egg while its hot and so it melts (:

    sunday was just another typical lazy day. stayed in and watch episodes after episodes of the hong kong drama, tiger cubs. and there wasn't any proper lunch so dinner, we had mcdonalds. specialy delivery from cherly (:

    we both had double quarter pounder and chicken and cheese. i am a superbly big eater when it comes to eating with him.. bad bad idea... hahah!

    got back home yesterday after classes and was greeted with the asos package.

    polka dots flatforms. <3 how cute are these! and they are uber comfy! how could they not be right... they are almost flat!

    and gladiator sandals (: finally found one that doesn't look awkward on my feet!

    both are loves. <3<3

    other than that, yesterday was just series and sleeping. finally finished tiger cubs and i was in bed at like 8pm. woke up 3 hours later and lingered around till about 2am before i went back into bed. sounds screwed up. haha

    lastly, :P another picture of me. i think my double eyebags are now my signature.... not good not good... but oh wells...!

    goodnight ya'll!

    now that i am out of series, movies marathon it is then! uni isn't hectic enough yet to be alarming. so it is all good!

    oh and btw, i managed to get hold of all the old sammi cheng songs which i love! omg i am so happy! plus listening to Oasis' Wonderwall makes me happy too cause i can picture teck wei singing it to me. oh so happy! HAHAH!

    much love,
    sher xoxo.

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