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    Sunday, August 05, 2012


    i am trying to get back on track with the blog and start posting like the usual again. at least one post on a weekly basis. hehe :D something to keep it going right? (:

    okay.. this will date back to the day i flew back to Melbourne. the heart was feeling kinda heavy to go back because things were a lot less known to be down times as i was constantly filled with laughters and joy and occupied with family and friends back home. and the most important thing is, there aren't any uni and classes and exams to be worried with.

    but the life goes on.. anyhow there is no escape.. yeah i know..! at least there a few brightside of returning back here. of which top reason is, i am back to my tw <3 and also the lovely Melbourne and its cold weathers plus lovely food!

    speaking of food...., i am sad ): my darling yao yun is already back in malaysia and i really miss my bestfriend and my makan buddy! ))): teck wei will be fully occupied with his fyp this semester and the chances of dragging him down to the city with me every weekend to go on food exploration are pretty slim.. so how? be the sad lonely person and go eat by myself meh?! sob sob....=/ i am having this list of food as usual and i have to wait and wait and wait till the boyfriend is free... no fair! ): yao yun, i miss you!!

    ok... enough of the emo talks...

    27th of july,

    one thing good about sitting beside the window is, it's view. but super bad idea is when you have to pee and people beside you are sleeping!! so not fun... and the window of opportunity to go to the loo is very very small...

    playing around with the camera before i took a 2 hours nap.

    i was trying to capture the moon. but my cammie can only zoom so far ):

    and i took a picture of these frosty thingies that will always be in the windows. i know it is like super cold out there thats why. i think?

    and then woke up to this. the lovely colours of the sky. all of this were taken in just 15 minutes. sunset have the prettiest colour :D and slowly the sunlight thins out...

    had my meal. this time for a change, i ordered the international meal. and the lasagna turned out quite alright (: i am sick of the usual nasi lemak already! and i ordered two meals. the other was a sandwich. a boring chicken sandwich that.. nehh.. don't bother taking pictures of hehe :P

    touched down in melbourne half an hour before midnight and aunty D came to pick me up. dragged my heavy ass luggages upstairs to my room and packed a small bag of clothes for the week as i was going to the bf's. and after that, just left the bags on the floor and went to bed :D (btw, the bags are still untouched and is still on the floor. HAHA!)

    spent the saturday catching up with the boyfriend and malaysian dinner with the rest of the clayton people. basically, it was just catching up with the boyfriend :DD


    went down to the city with teck wei because he obviously needed a haircut! made the appointment first then went to lunch with a bunch of his friends.

    since i had my cammie with that day, i went snappy snappy. that's the state library of victoria! and the typical melbourne tram (:

    lunch was at papparich. i know right..... i've just got back from MALAYSIA and i was having malaysian food for dinner and lunch. hehe

    my siamese laksa (:

    dear's nasi briyani.

    and our shared crispy chicken skin. omg so so unhealthy! we barely made it through half of it. HAH!

    got bored while dear had his haircut (which i must say, not his finest looks.. the new haircut) and i happily took pictures of my boots :D ankled boots ((:

     my favourite bracelet/accessory right now! new addition is from mum! love it all! thanks dear, thanks mummy!! <3<3

    oh and look! i changed my mac cover to the satin case and in my favourite shade of blue. well technically the colour is pretty much similar to the one i had before but the only difference was, this is the satin colour. the touch to it is different (: its more like a matte cover. instead of the smooth ones.

    monday night's dinner at Rich Maha in vermont. spicy like nobody's business man.... HAHA!

    tuesday night i cooked my signature mee hoon! yumssss!


    went to monash clayton's campus centre for a coffee break with cherly. which was then joined by jia shen and teck wei.

    articoke + whitebait

    had a baked cheese cake and with just water as i am not coffee fan. but someday, i think i might start to pick up the knowledge of it by going for mocha :D hahah!

    and after that headed back to cherly's and just chilled. while they were on this SongPop spree. ahah!

    the boyfriend :D

    dinner that night was at the taste of singapore and had its wednesday special, the nasi kuning with ayam masak merah (: $8.50 for that is a really good price!

    and thursday night was pizza for dinner :D dinner for two. haha!

    look! LINE messenger is super cute with its cute stickers!! ((((:


    went down to the city for lunch with wei ping (:

    that's the infamous shot of the melbourne central's shot tower.

    lunch was korean at darac. the set lunch was at $10.50 and i think its not too bad (: they gave me like one mountain of beef bulgogi as you can see... yums!

    after lunch was froyo session at cacao green and also more catching up. hehehe i miss cacao green's froyo! :D

    the first picture taken of us with her iphone was hilarious! well anyone that knows her, knows that she is one extraordinary girl <3

    before heading back to catch a movie with the boys, i took out my cammie and just snapped whatever was along the way while i walked to flinders from bourke to catch the train. haha!

    there are plenty of bare trees around right now. and i was playing around with the art filters that i have (:

    hopped on the train and the bus and got over to chaddy.

    the outfit for the day.
    knit top: dotti
    lilac jeans: h&m

    early early dinner. our movie was at 545pm and it's gonna go up all the way to almost 9pm where the shops will all be close. and the boys love their kfc! the boys i mean teck wei and khai shien. hah!

    i had my share of wicked wings :D

    the movie was good. but the dark knight itself was greater. at least that's what i think. but kudos to the casts (((: and the bike is like super awesome lahhhhh! 

    and it was yao yun darling's birthday. wished i would have been home to celebrate with her ): anyhows, may the year be filled with lots of adventures and make the 21st a memorable one! and may god bless, this friendship that we share, will last a life time! <3<3


    made reservations for this brunch place in armadale because i bought it from scoopon and it is expiring next wednesday. so yeah.. dragged the boyfriend out with me around 11am hahah!

    it was a lovely morning. with the sun and the chill (:

    this place is an easy to miss, quirky little cafe just right out of toorak station.

    we also have complimentary orange juice on top of either breakfast or lunch from anything in the menu.

    dear ordered their tasmanian wagyu beef burger from their lunch menu.

    and i ordered their Eggs Royale from their breakfast menu. and let me tell you something, this is by far the best eggs royale i've had! they topped it with black caviar and the hollandaise sauce is perfect! (: the one from Plan B is crap if compared to this. basically its black caviar on poached eggs with smoked salmon and spinach places on muffins and hollandaise over it. awesome i tell you!

    look at those runny egg yolk! i personally am not a runny egg yolk fan but when it comes to aussie breakfast, it is an exception :D so worth my $22 spent for two okay!!! 

    food and drinks leh! plus it is nice food! omg such a bargain!! :DDD wheeeeee**

    i'll be back! definitely! just for their eggs royale! ((:

    i never knew this row of shops existed because i've never got down at Toorak before. haha! and there is something about this place that i quite like (:

    after breakkie, we took a trip down to the city because i was up for walking along southbank and snapping pictures. and the boyfriend kindly went down with me :D

    yeapp.. as i've said, plenty of bare naked trees. haha! and southbank is my most favourite place in the city!

    going all the way much? well perfect weather for the costume. hah!

    we stopped by and watched a street performer swallow a balloon and a sword and also tried to free himself of chains. and yeah we watched all of that and left without paying anything. HAHA!

    look at this picture. look closely... there is a tiny heart in the middle. it was totally unintentional but it happened to be ((: 

    ♥♥ the bf is camera shy.... hehehee nolah.... i took it without him noticing. but he is a SUPER camera shy person okay....

    then walked back to flinders using the other bridge.

    rainbows on the ground ((:

    and my favourite shot of the day!

    then it was dessert time! i wanted Le Petit Gateau but they don't open on weekends. so instead we settled down with meet fresh. this new place on swanston that i've never been. so thought just give it a try.

    and nehh... they were not nice ): well it was okay... but i preferred dessert story which we should have went there instead of this ): and i like my mango desserts better! if it were to compare with snowflakes i i still prefer snowflakes.. but oh wells..

    the sunset sky over in oakleigh.

    it was really a nice day to be walking around in the city. it was a perfect date out (: had my favourite aussie breakkie then walking along southbank plus not so nice dessert but who cares... its still perfect! it's nice going on dates like this sometimes :D

    cooked some tom yum fried rice for dinner (:

    oh look look. cute little lam lam! this pictured was shared in the group whatsapp chat i have with the cousins and mum back in malaysia.

    and today,

    was just watching MI3 in bed before waking up and then it was me leaving dear after spending a whole lot of laughter and crazyness week with him =/

    and tomorrow..... back to uni! ))): brightside, two hours of class only. hehe

    i shall continue on with Castle. really liking the show! plus its the only show that dear actually sat there and watched with me. haha!


    i went on streaming the badminton match and was in time to catch it before it ended. well at least it was a good match eventho we didn't win. i didn't watch it but i was updated with by the feed on facebook. HAHA!

    my post now are like filled with sooo many pictures! this itself has like slightly over a 100. now that i have my new cammie, all i've been doing is snapping away! HEHE this says, good buy! but the pictures posted on the blog won't be at its top quality because i completely resized it to the smallest. but seriously, this camera, takes good pictures man!

    till then,

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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