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    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    i've been so caught up over the weekends which resulted in me not writing about taiwan. i promise i'll get to it! latest by end of this week ((:

    i am getting lazier on posting long posts as there will be tonnes of pictures and all the rearranging and all that stuffs is tedious.. haha

    caught up over the weekend with what? with this..


    had a long two hour break and headed over to klcc as i had to collect my pay cheque over in menara maxis.

    my lunch (: otak puff from coffee and spice. awesome stuff!

    had a whole two and a half hour lunch break cause the guy delayed on giving me my pay cheque hence being late back to work and me being just "an intern", no one notice if i am around or gone. so yea =D

    after work i was feeling so so hungry. and this is tea time (: for two. haha roti jala was mine.

    after that, headed up to genting for a family thing. we had like 10 rooms to ourselves up in resort hotel. which is super duper alot and yea.. its a family thing. haha

    but before that, dinner at bukit tinggi.

    this was the only picture of food that i took. Prawns with glass noodle.
    i was too hungry after that to even bother snapping anymore pictures. hehe =P

    it was pretty misty that night. temperature was 17 degrees. which was not too bad (: make me miss the cold in melbourne so much..

    went for a walk and spotted a place with the whole entire KL view.

    it may be small but it was pretty (:
    everywhere i go, i wish that you were there with me.. =/

    then the whole family headed over to coffee bean for supperrrrrr...!


    especially this. macadamia honey yogurt cheesecake =D

    didn't go in to the casino that night. just went for a walk and went back to the room. and crashed. i so love resort hotel's rooms. i was too tired that night to snap pictures of it. by the time i remembered it was already morning and all messed up. hehe


    all set to head back down.

    lunch in sri gombak.

    damn good laksa ((((:

    while on the way back to cousin's place at wangsa maju. we stopped by somewhere nearby before reaching to get this yao yao bing thingy.

    longan flavoured.

    and bubur cha cha.

    my tummy was uber happy that afternoon. hehe =PPP

    had a poker session that night till like 2 ish in the morning? my family is pretty happening.. haha! so gonna miss this when i go back to melbourne...


    woke up bout 12 ish? stayed in bed to catch up with vampire diaries, greys anatomy and private practice. nowadays my laptop is always on my bed so i've been catching up on my series in bed as well. haha

    then went out to some al-ikhsan outlet along federal highway? and then stopped by the A&W next door for float!

    and curly fries. yums!

    i had those right after eating a packet of char kuey teow in the car. hahaha!

    otw back to subang, there was this jam going on and it turns out to be,

    a water pipe burst on the side of the highway. looks pretty crazy... the picture was taken while we were already up on the ramp. so yea..

    dropped by summit after that. managed to shop for a top. and i had no idea summit was actually a lil crowded. since when?!

    spent the whole night in the car and in mont kiara at someone's place. was only home about 930pm for dinner. had nice homemade curry pan mee! =DDDD

    the night ended for me at exactly 12am. totally wiped out.


    was dreading the alarm tone this morning.. back to work.. )):

    received my maxis ID card today.

    i finally can walk in and out of the department without actually troubling someone to open it for me. yay!

    today's lunch. spicy chicken sausage sandwich.

    mum fried some rice for dinner tonight.

    after dinner headed over to ss15 for a short yumcha session. with ferns, yao yun, en lin, jo and robin. we were at lorong (:

    ordered maggi goreng and milo shake tambah banana ((:


    i still can't help but to always stop by and read and know whatever that is going on. is this a feeling of insecure or some sort of assurance? i have no idea. i feel awful everytime i stop by. whether is it awful that i can never tell you about it or feel awful for you that the life i am reading about is one of your dark place or i am just plain jealous or that i am worried.

    i don't know....

    tell me, why can't i stop? and tell me why do you have to like everything that i do?!! wth...!



    one tree hill is back!! tho its the last season... )): but i am a little confuse over the first episode... shall see how it goes later on.. i am excited!

    my series addiction started with one tree hill. its been a long long time..

    "People say Hell is endless. They say it's our worst nightmare, the face of our darkness. But whatever it is, however it is, I say Hell is empty, and all the devils are here." -Nathan Scott

    the quote is somewhat very true... hmmm..

    nonetheless, it isn't all about the negativity for me.

    so so i shall end this with a more happier news....!

    I or i should say WE are going to Gold Coast during easter!!!! =DDDDDD

    omg i am so so so excited!!! tickets are bought for 5 at this moment. Me, Teck Wei, Yao Yun, Audrey and Wei Ping! =DDDD wheeeeeeeeeee~!!

    much love,

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