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  1. its just one of "those moments".

    Thursday, January 12, 2012

    those moments where you can't stand yourself. and getting all bitter inside.
    you have no idea...... =/

    i want to kill somebody right now... if only it was that easy.

    please god.. new year resolution #5, let me be stronger. i need to be less dependant. i don't want it to be too late and then, that time i'll have to learn it the hard way. no please.

    p/s i realise now i am becoming a total whiner when it is the time of the month. it just feels like i've totally lost control of being who i am the rest 21 days of the month. bad. real bad.

    don't tolerate because it is that unreasonable.

    seriously???! when have i slowly inclined towards the category of females that seriously pisses me off?

    life is a big joke right now. at this moment.

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