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  1. if only time was in my hands..

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    back at work today. it wasn't something that i was looking forward to but oh well.. i've still gotta do it.

    taiwan was great. it would have been awesome if i would have gotten more free and easy time to shop around and eat around. everything was cheap and buying things at less than RM80 seriously litted me up. haha

    i'll try and see when i get can the post up and running. by end of this week i hope? hehe

    thank god for free wifi in the hotel in taiwan. which allowed me to catch a glimpse of you every night. i may be seeing into this too much but you are apart of my everyday. so yes. it has to be everyday (:

    taiwan.... people were friendly. shopping was great and food was nice too. my only complain, the time wasn't enough. haha

    adding another 2012 resolution to the list..
    - never to forget. never to forget family nor to forget friends.

    i felt bad that i came back from taiwan empty handed for anybody at home except bringing back some food. its like i want to share how happy i am on the things i bought but on the other hand, i feel so bad to even wanna share as i bought them nothing..

    and i feel bad too for not seeing kiat before he left to norway.. ): if only i made the initiative.. sorry my friend! i'll make it up to you the next time i see you which i have no idea when, but i sure will make it up to you!

    was watching a movie halfway on the flight back yesterday..

    one day.

    downloaded it after i got back and finished the remaining half. you should by now know that i am a sucker for love stories and this was just beautiful. two best friends who only got together after almost 20 years and was so so happy together. they were soulmates. they both had their own lives, married and had kids or had a long term boyfriend but in the end yet the ones they really wanted to spend their lives with were with each other. aww.. if only love like that exist in my world...

    but it ended sad. that will be sad ending #1.

    went out for movie with mum and cousins at tropicana city mall. tho that had a sad ending, it was also a crappy ending. so it doesn't count as #2.

    couldn't resist but to know what happened on grey's anatomy since it was left off with a hanging scene last year. so i watched it before i went to bed and that was sad ending #2 and #3.. ): there is only so much death stories i can take in a day. went to bed feeling so miserable...

    death is the one thing no one can fight to outbid. life.


    p/s happy belated birthday to lim qi hong!

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