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    Thursday, January 26, 2012

    it has been so long since i last posted something proper up. i've been so busy.. i have all these pictures in my phone ready to be blogged but i am hardly having the time to sit down and get the posts sorted. taiwan and cny posts.

    when i am free i'll either be eating, sleeping, skyping or catching up with my series.

    i promise promise i'll get this sorted out soon! (which i have no idea when is soon because i am all booked up for dinner till this weekend with all the cny dinners) and also some friends leaving on the 6th, i need to have some more catching up as well.

    and most importantly, in between all this events planned for after work, i need my skype sessions with dear...<3 and also some time for me to prepare something and get it mailed out by next wednesday. nouuuuu i barely have much time left!

    at work pula, i am only left with another 8 working days to finish up the work given to me. omaiii how to finish laaaaa?!!

    yes, i want time to pass faster so that i could go back but no, i need more time to do all these things. actually all i need is a longer next week. give me 6 working days instead of 4. and longer nights for me to prepare a gift. then i can be all set to head back to melbourne. i even packed all my clothes back in my suitcase already. hehe

    i promise i'll be back with something proper next!

    this is just a quick writeup to announce i am still alive but just too occupied with "stuffs."


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