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    Sunday, December 09, 2012

    hey hey!

    i am back in my own crib (: feels good to back to my bed but doesn't feel quite right that the boyfriend isn't within reach after spending the last 5 days over at MA with the bf, his mum and sister.

    as i've said in the post earlier, i was suppose to go to brighton beach yesterday but we postponed it to today because yesterday was just too too hot to go to beach. so instead, we went over to chadstone and stayed indoors with air conditioning rather than being out and get burn by the sun.

    lunch was at Jones the Grocer. my linguine with ocean trout and wild rocket in dill cream. yums! but portion abit small leh for $18

    after lunch was just walking around chaddy and also went shades hunting for the boyfriend. he finally bought one but i am still not used to seeing him with it. ahah!

    left back to MA about 4 something and his mum cooked dinner. i have been having so much soup for the past few days. i usually rarely have proper chinese soup over here because aunty D don't cook them. so yeahhh i just kept on aiming on the soup bowl. ahah!

    spent the night catching up with my greys anatomy and vampire diaries and also watched tvb drama with the bf.

    omg.. Ian Somerhalder is so freaking sexy! 

    i couldn't take my eyes off him while watching vampire diaries. seriously... how could someone be so sexy and with those killer eyes and smirk. OMGGG!! :P


    we went on with our beach plan. his sister wanted to go and have a look at those beach huts and i haven't been so i was the tour guide for the day. a tour guide that doesn't know where she's going and was purely relying on the map. ahahaha!

    after the bus ride and train ride and long walk and asking random strangers, we finally got there!

    look at those colourful beach huts! there may not be alot and the beach may not be the nicest, but the huts made the trip worth while (:

    boyfie! ♥ and his new shades! and it was super windy! 

    OZ beach hut!

    colourful colourful!

    my darling! 

    he makes me more than happy! and these two pictures looks like i was being piggyback-ed by him :P

    my favourite hut, the rainbow hut!! (((:

    the boyfriend <3 no he isn't carrying a man bag. its one of my luggages that i brought over for my stay. HEHE

    my favourite picture for the day. i love the colours and of course, i love him! 

    sorry for the really low quality photos. iphone takes sucky quality photos.... the only good thing about it is the apps that has filters to enhance the photos. i really miss my baby camera. i wasn't able to capture all of these beautiful memories with it... ): next year, once is it revived, i will definitely be back to take pretty pictures! and the next time, i will catch the sunset! :D

    after all the picture taking, we went hunting for food. i seriously can't believe there isn't any fish and chips or cafes on the beach! like seriously... NONE! we walked so far... literally to the next train station and took a train back to middle brighton to have lunch.

    what is a beach day out without some fish and chips right? the mission was the find a fish and chips place and luckily, there was ONE!

    and it turned out to be quite nice (: we had it at a shop called Fish Tank.

    me and the boyfriend shared their fisherman's catch. two catch of the day fillets, chips, two scallops, calamaris and potato cakes.

    it was nice! and so filling! for $23 and for two, it is pretty good leh!

    after lunch, which was already 3 something, we left for home separately. they went back to clayton and i left for home.

    i happily thought that i was in time for my bus home so that i don't have to wait 45 mins for the next one but manatau there aren't any train running for my line and so we had to catch the train replacement buses which made me miss my bus ): so annoying la this public transport sometimes! ISHH..!! luckily aunty D was free to pick me up from the station.

    came home and lazed around. opened my parcels which happens to be my ipad case and i am so happy with it! pictures about it will be up once i get my ipad from yao yun tomorrow. YES, i am meeting yao yun tomorrow! like finally!! :DD

    and also added my newly bought charms to my bracelet. whee! they may not be thomas sabo but its pretty. you obviously can tell the two odd ones (the flying heart and ballet shoes). haha! i am waiting until the day that i could get my hands on more thomas sabo charms...

    dinner was chilli garam fish! :D i miss it man! its a nyonya dish and the one aunty D made today was so nice! hehehehe

    and i managed to borrow julian's camera for the bf's graduation. hopefully the photos will turn out good! :D

    tomorrow, i'll be meeting yao yun and wei ping for brunch! YAYS! girls day :D

    till then,

    with love,
    sher xoxo.

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