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  1. painful lesson. SO painful.

    Friday, December 07, 2012


    sorry i've been so occupied till i didn't have the time to update at all. been out every single day since sunday... and after i get back i'll be so tired. all i wanna do is lie down and watch movies or sleep haha! today is a rest day. not going out whatsoever so.. i am back to blog!

    speaking of sunday, a very sad and unfortunate thing happened. sadly my baby camera is now out of service. no more pretty pretty pictures for the year. of all the time it had to be kept quietly in the dark and safely, it had to be this time of the year. the time where there are christmas lights everywhere and graduation season and my sydney trip period and also longer days that allows me to take pretty pictures. aihhh writing about it now makes me sad...

    what happened was my handbag fell in the fitting room when i was out with aunty D at bridge road. specifically, it fell in the cotton on's fitting room. the clothes/bag hanger thing just broke and my bag landed so hard on the floor. so hard that my screen cracked and right now, it doesn't light up anymore. which means i couldn't see anything i take at all and it is a touch screen. sooo... things are even more screwed up.. ): seriously so so sad leh... not a 100% my fault that it happened also.. i am not the kind that leaves my bag on the floor because its dirty so i will usually hang it up. lesson learned =/ the hard way.....

    at that moment when it dropped, the first thing i checked was my camera and when i saw the crack, i literally went all URGHHHH and pull hair moment on myself..

    i am still very much not over the fact that i can't use my baby. been seeing all these moments that are perfect for picture taking and i couldn't use my baby camera. even the boyfriend's graduation next tuesday also i won't be able to use it. really... so sad..!! ):

    hmm what has happened, happened. now i am just waiting for it to get back to malaysia to be fixed. because repairing it here would cost me $200-300.. so expensive.. ):

    if you look closely, you could see the long crack at the top of the screen that stretches right till the corner.

    anyways... these are the last few pictures i took with it... ): brunch with aunty D on sunday.

    it was at Twenty & Six Espresso in North Melbourne.

    been wanting to try it for a while already. so glad i finally did!

    volcanic salt. i've never seen it before. i was wondering why there were charcoal pieces on the table. damn jakun la me.. HAHA!

    aunty D's skinny latte.

    my mocha. heavy on the chocolate rather than coffee. as i am not much of a coffee person.

    aunty D's Le Alumelle. three eggs omelette with smoked salmon, leek and beetroot ketchup. (refer to the menu above)

    i ordered The Geisha. so japanese and so different! seared tuna steak on a bed of potato and wasabi mash. the tuna was good but the wasabi mash can get quite overwhelming. i left almost half of the mash untouched because it was too much.

    at Twenty & Six Espresso, they have a different range of brunch menu. not the typical eggs on toast or big breakfast kinda stuff. and this is different in a good way! so refreshing! i have this urge to wanna try everything on their menu. which means i will definitely be back for more! :DD i really enjoyed their food and the coffee i had! (:

    after brunch, me and aunty D just went shopping at ishka and also bridge road. after my case of unfortunate event, it totally killed my mood to even shop for anything.

    all i bought was this $1 bowler hat from cotton onand wore it straight away because it suits my outfit for the day!
    chiffon studded collar top: cotton on
    inner crop spag top: supre
    geometric skirt: h&m
    boots: siren
    bag: dangerfield

    we walked till the shops closed at 5pm. and drove back out into the city area.

    had an evening cuppa raspberry granita and strawberry cheesecake with aunty D.

    while waiting for time to pass as i was meeting the rest of the S9s in melbourne central at 630pm. we were gonna have our once in a while S9 gathering. S9 as in our college class name which means it was a college mates gathering. haha!

    finally met up with the rest and we took a train over to north richmond station and had dinner at this korean restaurant called Seoul Soul on victoria street.

    me, teck wei, wei ping and audrey shared a dinner set for 4.

    kimchi pancake.

    tofu salad.


    BBQ meat.

    skewers. there were dok bok ki, prawns, mushroom and scallops.

    soybean paste soup.

    chicken bulgogi rice bowl.

    came to less than $26 per person. pretty good considering how much we ate. and it was nice! this korean place is really easy to be missed because it is just a tiny shop and the sign isn't very obvious. but the food was pretty good (:

    and our S9 group photo!

    this should be the last complete group photo in melbourne already. because almost all of them will be graduating this end of the year and some might even head back to malaysia. so yeah...

    after dinner, we headed back into the city for dessert.

    ice cream at passionflower. chocolate mud and peanut butter. shared this with the boyfie.

    we were done with dessert around 1030pm and i headed back to clayton with the boyfie, cherly and ken. and ken fetched us back from huntingdale station to MA.

    the christmasy decoration in the city.

    the next day, monday,

    i was just lazing at the boyfriend's till about 4pm then i left for home. just for the night to pack my stuff to go back to the boyfriend's for the next couple of days.

    manicure for the week!

    and also pedicure :D but.. after the whole day out in covered flats yesterday, the dots have now been irregularly moulded till it looks so funny. haha!


    got over to MA around 12pm and just stayed in MA for the whole day as well. because teck wei's younger sister just landed that morning and it would be too tiring for her to go anywhere. so yeah.. we just stayed in. was suppose to head out for dinner but the weather was abit whacked up with all the sudden rain and shine so we decided to cook and eat at home.


    went down to the city with the boyfriend, his mum and sister. first was to get to the salon so that teck wei could get his hair cut. to look better on his graduation day. hahaha!

    then, it was to rose garden for lunch.

    i had the preserved vegetables and shredded duck fried rice and the other one is the bf's spicy chicken ribs on rice.

    it has been so so SO long since i have been to rose garden. i've heard that the food isn't as great anymore because they changed the chef but honestly, i still find it as good lor. was reminded about why i used to go and eat there every week last time. it is nice and cheap! hehe shall see when will be the next time i'll head there again.

    ever since i picked up the habit of going out for pricey brunch, i hardly ever go back to cheap and fast asian food. even the good and fast and cheap asian food also i hardly go already..

    after lunch, we headed over to harbourtown for some shopping.

    the day turned out to be much nicer considering the cloudy and rainy morning.

    it was fruitful for me, his mum and sister. basically it was fruitful for the ladies in terms of shopping but the boyfriend was already at his limit. his legs were hurting from all the walking and bored from all the waiting. ahaha!!

    after harbourtown, we went over to the Suzuki Night Market at the Queen Victoria Market. just to let them experience this summer event. and also walking around the flea market stalls.

    i scored these! so cuteeeeee right! i love flea markets! you will always get one of a kind accessories!! which i totally loveeeee! :D 

    i also bought the same owl ring for boyfie's younger sister because i saw her eyeing on it for so long. haha! at least i got something for her that she likes :D

    was suppose to have dinner there as well because there were like so many food stalls but the queue was impossible! seriously so so packed! we finally decided to eat somewhere else because it was getting too stuffy and too crowded.

    we ended up at Grill'd in QV for dinner.

    the boyfriend's mighty melbourne and my 'baa baa' burger. and also my favourite fizzy drink here, ginger beer! :D

    headed back to MA after dinner and grocery shopping.

    cherly bought back mars bar chocolate cake for my supper! yays! eventho i wanted mud cake and they've ran out, this was good too! not too sweet.


    went to South Wharf DFO with the boyfriend's mum and sister. the boyfie was a little traumatised over shopping already. his legs hurts so he decided not to join us hahaha!

    i am good at taking people shopping. so it was alright (: was just mainly walking around the place and looking at stuff only. also bought a $10 rip curl shirt for the boyfie! i love to see him in casual shirts and jeans leh... i love my man to have some fashion twist occasionally.

    my leopard smoking slippers! been eyeing on these for such a long time! finally bought them the day before at harbourtown and took it out for shopping for the day.

    was done shopping around 6pm and then headed to the Meat and Wine Co. had a dinner reservation at 630pm and was going to meet the bf there.

    i love having dinner here!

    full rack of ribs. nice!! but of course nothing could be the ones from hurricanes in sydney.

    salmon skewer. there is actually rice at the bottom but somehow this picture is too bright to even notice it. all you can see is some floating garnish that was supposedly to be on top of some steamed rice.

    rack of lamb with asparagus and polenta capsicum mash something something.. ahah!

    dinner was nice! there are so many more things that i want to try from their menu! :D it is abit pricey but they serve good quality food. love it!

    after dinner, we took a slow walk to flinders and caught the train back. spent the rest of the night watching the voice and also tvb dramas with the bf.

    woke up around 12pm this morning. today is a rest day. just lazing around in the bf's room and cleaning thing up. hehe

    after this post, i'll be moving on to catching up with my series. gossip girl is crap man.... if it wasn't because i have been watching every week and also that there is only two more episodes left, i wouldn't even bother anymore. the storyline is just bad.... i watch it only for its fashion and chuck and blair's happy ending.

    i still love my vampire diaries, greys anatomy, nikita, bones, castle and criminal minds more..!

    HMMM...... from now on, it will be sucky iphone quality pictures for day to day updates.. )): am trying to borrow a DSLR for the boyfriend's graduation and my sydney trip. i couldn't afford to document these two things in crappy quality photos.. knowing that there are camera out there that could take wonderful pictures! i really really miss my baby olympus... AIHH...

    BUT... at least i have a brightside, since yao yun is back in melbourne grounds, i will be getting my bestie for some brunch dates and also i'll be getting the iPad that she brought over for me from mum! YAYS! so excited!

    that's it for now!

    heading to brighton beach tomorrow! wheeeee! :D but it is gonna be very hottttttt....


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