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    Saturday, December 01, 2012

    hello december!

    we are at the start of the last month of the year. seems like time flew by just like that. a year has came and is going soon. in a months time.

    feels like i haven't accomplished much for the year yet. yes there is another 31 days but i doubt i'll be able to make much of a difference in this 31 days. left with 30 in an hour.

    i would say it has been a year with equal share of good and bad.. i'll leave the reminiscing till the start of next year and weigh out the good and the bad and everything.

    but for now, i just feel like writing something down. something that has been clogging up my mind for awhile now... it is the idea of MAYBE not having the boyfie around next year. well... from the looks of things, i would still most probably be having him till at least next half of the year but it isn't long enough..

    we aren't the typical conventional couple. we don't have a specific date that marks our anniversary. so i tell myself, everyday is to be celebrated for. everyday is an anniversary. for that i am grateful to have him in my life. in another sense, maybe a little glad that i don't have to remember and go all fuss about these "special days" and make him pay for every single monthsary or anniversary dinner or shower me with gifts so often.

    gifts are nice when it comes unexpectedly. but i am just not one of those who sees a big deal in making gifts a must all the time and go big on actions and brag to the whole entire world about it. and i am certainly not one of those that makes him pay for meals and whatnot all the time and say "he is suppose to." making the guy pay most of the time just makes you look cheap.

    actually i am really against girls who thinks that there are a certain way a guy should be and that he is suppose to and the girl would just sit there and hope and wish and pray and expect but on the other hand, never do anything in return. and just spit out the sentence "this is just the way it is. it is suppose to be his job."

    so yeah.. we aren't the typical kind but this makes it interesting. makes every single day feels new but also routined in a good and different way. and i am happy with the way things are of me getting to catch a glimpse of him and his touch on a weekly basis.

    but if things were to change to a 6 months basis, how much of those excitements and interesting things would stay? yes, i am sure we have the love to make long distance work but things are bound to change. distance will always make things change whether is it small changes or drastic ones. that i am sure. but i just don't want those little details that are so close to my heart to change. the little things is what that makes us, us.

    and not having him around, would mean that my life here would change as well. where do i go to every weekend? now that so many of them are leaving next year and there really isn't that many left to count on. and most importantly what am i going to spend most of my time on? studying by myself?

    i am really dreading the coming year. not only with this matter. but also on the study side. things are getting too tough and it won't be fun going through it alone.

    alone has never been fun has it?

    i guess i gotta cherish this coming month with the boyfriend. because we are still very unsure if he'll be staying. and i've been coming up with a lot of places and restaurants i want him to go with and try with.

    and also i am looking forward to his graduation! as i'll be attending it along with his mum and sister hahaha! i'll be very proud of him (:

    one more thing, my long awaited sydney trip will be coming up soon as well. it is just going to be us two. how exciting right? knowing that i'll be ending the year with him by my side and on a trip with just the two of us. it would be more of a food hunt trip and of course for the new year eve's fireworks. CAN'T WAIT! :DD

    it has been almost 2 years and i have never felt that it had been a long time because everyday seems new and different in some way. and these 2 years(almost) has been remarkably great. i wouldn't have wished it any other way. and definitely more years to come (:

    i can't wait to have him back in malaysia with me for the holidays. it'll be his first time heading home since he came to melbourne and i have all this places and food to bring him to! it will be so much fun! i also want to experience his life in malaysia as his girlfriend because i never had the chance to before this. another thing that i am looking forward to!

    it'll be great. i am sure of it.

    he plays a big part in who i've became in these 2 years. and for that, i am really glad. things turned out to be amazing. in my book, this is my perfect story. with quirks and fun and some misfits but perfect.

    lots of love,

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