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  1. graduation season.

    Sunday, December 23, 2012


    i've been so busy for the past week! graduation season and also been out almost every day. never really had the time to sit down and blog. whenever i am back at the boyfriend's, i am either watching show or munching on food. HEHE

    and whenever i am home, i'll be busy napping or lazing around and also procrastinating on cleaning up my room. then... i am finally left with one night before i move to the bf's for a couple of days and then i'll cram everything i have to do in one night. which is cleaning up my super duper messy room and packing. therefore, blogging has to come last when i am really really free.. HEH!

    first things first, last monday meet up with yao yun and wei ping for brunch!

    so glad to have my yao yun bb back in melbourne! (: tho we don't meet up that often but it is still nicee...

    we went to Twenty & Six Espresso because i have been going on and on about it being very nice to the both of them before this. hehe

    i ordered The Hunter! super yums leh!! its chorizo and mushroom with balsamic glaze and topped with grated cheese.

    also ordered a cup of mocha, heavy on the chocolate.

    wei ping ordered The Russian. which was also very nice!

    yao yun ordered the three eggs omelette, Le Alumelle.

    after makan was just shopping around the city.

    saw this guy on bourke street. basically he looks like he isn't sitting on anything at all. everyone seems so fascinated by it. waving their hands thru the bottom and see if its really real. haha!

     my shoes for the day! super love the colour and it is so comfy! mocassins are ought to be comfy anyways (:

     bought this dress for $10. yao yun bought the same one but in a burnt orange and we both wore it straight away after we paid for it. haha! i have been hunting for laser cut dress since like forever! finally found it for $10! which explains why i bought another in royal blue :P

    meeting up with yao yun also means that i was gonna collect my ipad. so happy!!! love my new cover also! been hooked on it with the ebooks! (: thanks to mummy dearest!

    okay... back to graduation season!

    last tuesday was the boyfie's graduation! so proud of him leh! i wouldn't even dream for the day that i would even graduate with first class honours and this smarty pants boyfriend of mine did it! SO PROUD!

    i got over to his place first thing in the morning. woke up super early to get ready by curling my hair. but the curls only lasted for a couple of hours... ):


     my love! 

     when yao yun came over, she brought along a bear that she bought for herself for her graduation the next day. but she gave it to teck wei to use it for temporary prop HAHA!

    yy darl! two important people in my life! 


     Mr Lim Khai Shien! mechatronics engineer (:


     oscar (: who has now went back to Macau for good. don't know when i will see him next..

    The S9 monash 2012 engineer graduates! macho ken.. HAHA!

    wei nian, tek yit, dear and jia shen (:

    around 3.30pm we went in for his graduation ceremony. we as in me, his mum and sister. it was nice attending it (: 

    in the graduation program.

     look look! the boyfriend on stage! thank god we got the high balcony seats which makes it easier to take these photos but we were seriously super far behind. haha!

     his hundreds of thousands worth degree certificate.

    we even took some studio photos as well. but it costs a serious bomb! sitting fee was already $40. JUST to take the photos! and individually developed photos are priced differently according to size. cheapest also $35 for a 4R photo. and these photos were taken off the website so it has the watermark. to get a digital copy you need to pay $65... such a rip off! IF you get a whole CD of the pictures, it's $300! CRAZYYYY expensive!!

    but what to do... with monash you couldn't hold the robe for more than 5 hours. they isn't any way to get a photoshoot or go and take your own cheaper studio photos...

    a few of my favourites. lovely photos (((: especially in the blue background. some people get horrible shade of black/grey. i am starting to blend in really well with his family! WHEEE :D

    and then last wednesday was the rmit and yao yun's graduation.

    first was lunch with the bf and wei ping at darac.

    then i went to meet up with loong to take a picture with him (: finally got to see him!

    then then i went over to the royal exhibition building for yao yun's graduation.

    yao yun darl (((: glad to have been there!

    wei ping darling! so cute (((:

    i didn't manage to catch hold of Audrey and the other S9's tho. had some stuff going on and i left early. sorryyyyyy...)):

    graduation season outfit. left for the bf's. right for the rmit/yy graduation. love both outfit!

    last thursday, friday and saturday i was busy hanging out with the bf and his mum and sis as they were flying back on saturday night. basically was just shopping and going out to eat and stay home lazing. hehe

    thursday's korean bibimbab lunch. before going over to victoria market.

     friday's ikea swedish meatball lunch!

    saturday's hutong dumpling bar lunch. finally got to try their xiao long bao! (:

    all the dinners for the days were cooked by his mum. abit paiseh to always take picture of it. hahah! i've never drank so much soup in a week in australia before. thanks to aunty, everyday got those soup that i have been missing from home!

    the four of us have been squeezing in the boyfriend's room for the week. 3 on the floor and one on the bed. haha!

    aunty and siau chian left for malaysia on saturday night. sent them to southern cross for them to take the sky bus and we left back to clayton.

    sunday and monday i just stayed in with the bf and sleeeeeeeep all day.. super tired!

    sunday's lunch.

    and dinner. there were too many slices of bread leftover. 4 slices each with tuna, egg, tomato and cheese!

    tuesday's maccas lunch before i headed home.

    tuesday i went back home till yesterday i came back over to the bf's. all i have been doing is just being lazy. watch series. eat like a slop and sleep like one too. 

    new iphone cover! STUDS! LOVE MAX!

    watched the series finale of gossip girl! the dress was so pretty!! and chuck looked so good in the suit with the matching bow tie! they revealed a very unexpected gossip girl. time to bid goodbye.. but i must say, i won't be missing the show. i only watch it for its fashion and chuck and blair. they've got their happy ending which is good enough (:

    wednesday, i went down to the city to meet up with the bf and khai shien to go for house inspections. the both of them are thinking of moving to the city next year. if they do, happy me! HAHA!

    lunch was at nasi lemak house. one nasi lemak traditional and one nasi lemak kelantan.

     casual wednesday out (:

    thursday all i did was stay home clean my room and watch private practice. also went out to highpoint in the evening with aunty D.

    friday, got over to MA around 1 in the afternoon.


    new oxblood laceless plimsolls for $13 from asos! 

    then went out to clayton town for lunch and grocery.

    kebab lunch (:

    after getting back from clayton town, i went out to chaddy to meet up with yao yun and her mum. just to hang out for abit.

     dinner was a $6 sushi bento box. :D i should have went for KFC tho... i really wanted to try their double burger thingy..


    went down to the city with teck wei and khai shien because we were going for house inspection and also went for lunch at rose garden. i finally had their spicy chicken ribs after so so so long!

     and also had gong cha because they were having buy one free one opening promotion. i really like it leh! like it much better than chatime's milk teas.

     dinner last night! a pot of meat soup cooked for 3 hours and kailan with fried crispy ikan bilis on the top! :DDD

    now... i am currently with a very growly stomach but i am so lazy to make myself lunch. its already 3pm and the bf just woke up. hahah! well... i wasn't any better. i woke up at 1pm. heheh :P

    that concludes my two weeks update. super boring post but it is meant to commemorate the graduation season! which is one of the reason why i am still in melbourne now and not home in malaysia.

    that's it people! will be back soon! definitely before my sydney trip next saturday! :DDDDD i so can't wait!!!!

    merry christmas in advance my fellow readers! (:

    lots of love,

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