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    Wednesday, October 15, 2014


    Sorry for neglecting this space for the past 7 weeks! But now, I am back! :D

    I am trying to get my blog more organised! I am always taking all these pictures of food and places that is always with the intentions of someday having them up on my blog but I never sit down and type up a post anymore.

    I am always either on YouTube or series(sssss) or uni work and I couldn't be bothered to blog anymore. SOOOOO, now I trying to get more organised and type up food reviews as and when I can and schedule the posts to go up for the next few days.

    Food reviews of single restaurants are much better and easier and shorter to write up than my usual routine of writing up the week's worth of updates anyways. I hope this way I'll get more posts come up as time goes. 

    It is sad to see my favourite space being neglected just cause I don't have the time or patience to type up long posts anymore..... :(

    So from now, expect to see more and more food reviews! In fact my next scheduled post for tomorrow is a food review :P

    I am still a huge FOODIE and still take tonnes of pictures of food every single time I go out or eat anything for that matter. I figured that these pictures should be up for good use and published to let people drool over them :D HEHEHE

    I hope this will get me motivated to do my routine weekly blog posts again! Seeing my weekly routine posts go live used to be one of my most favourite moments... 

    I'll try to be back as much as I can. This time I really do mean it! 

    Am trying to compose up my Perth's trip post. And maybe Vietnam? (Oh wait, I better not get too over my head) But...... Perth's post will definitely come up! 

    Till then,

    Lots of love,
    sher xoxo.

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