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  1. BBQ Party!

    Sunday, August 31, 2014


    First of all, Selamat Merdeka Malaysia!!! Happy Independence Day to my home country!!! Malaysia will always be home to me :)

    OMG it literally has been ages since I last blogged! I think the blogger spirit in me has died down, sadly. It's not that I don't take pictures for my blog anymore, I still do and I take tonnes of them!!! But somehow I just never got around to typing my day down and attaching the pictures altogether. I am sad about it tho, abandoning MY space but YouTube and series and movies has really took over the blogging spirit out of me :X

    Anyways, I'll try to be back as and when I feel like it OKAYS!

    I just have so much to blog about my trip home this time tho...... =/ We shall get to one thing at a time I suppose..

    So....., as the title says, a BBQ party happened about 3 days after my birthday :) It was with the friends and we wanted a little get together plus it was a public holiday. So, everything matched up!

    All I did was show up, brought over some ice, eat, take pictures, laughed so so much, saying how awesome the food were and then paid to whomever I should for the food. HAHAHA! Literally zero preparing and cooking :P

    The good friends!

    Loong and En Lin did the preparing and cooking whilst the rest of us had a chillax time. Talking and snapping pictures and do what we do best, "chui sui" :D

    Stephy! And my ombre-ish hair! :P

    OMG I just love Wei Jun's Leica 25mm f/1.4 lens so so much!! Look at the pictures it produces!!! The whole night all the pictures are taken with his lens and my camera body. Look at this! It just makes the food looks ten times better! I want one too!! T.T

    *The highlight of the food of the night were these three plates of salmon sashimi from Top Catch Fisheries! SO GOOD plus such affordable prices. Thanks to ferns who went there early purposely to get these for us!!! :P *
    I want some right nao! Thick cuts of yummylicious sashimi! My favourite! T.T 

    Most of us were there pretty early but some came late too. So the sashimi were saved until everyone was here before we indulged in them :)

    The boys had rounds of FIFA in jun's room while the girls watched while being on their phones for most of the time :D Because as we girls already know, whenever in Wei Jun's house, it will always always mean FIFA.

    After we were all done with the food and the games, we went to hang out out of the house! More like they wanted to dispose to the charcoal and I just went around snapping pictures and then ended up on the swing because I have not been on one in ages!

    Reliving our high school padang days! Been through so much with this girl right here! 

    And as you can see at the back, the houses around jun's place are mostly empty so we had the place all to ourselves (as tho it would be filled at 1030 at night :P) and we could make as much noise as we wanted to! The perks, but it can get a tad bit too quiet if you're not out there with a bunch...

    The girls for the night! Had to fade out the colours of this picture so much because the initial colour was too yellow for to salvage when I was editing it..

    Before we left, we had to take a group-ie together first!

    The outcome! :D What would life be without all of them (wished a few more could make it that night).... So thankful to have them all in my life :)

    *My favourite pictures of the night!*
    No caption needed ♥︎

    And that concluded the night!

    It was a really good night and such a fun get together! We always have things like this whenever I am back for holidays! So grateful for that man :)

    Anddddddddd...., I guess that's it for now!

    I still have SO MUCH to blog about! Be back whenever I can!

    Lots of love,

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