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  1. Miam Miam, Chadstone Shopping Centre.

    Thursday, October 16, 2014

    Ellooooo :)

    I have been hearing about this restaurant multiple times let it be the one here in Melbourne, or the one in Singapore or the one in One Utama. Mainly from social media platforms and the girlfriend in Singapore. And it is a French cafe with a Japanese twist to it! All the more reason to go! Sounded so interesting :P

    So..., a couple of months back I decided to give it a try! After all, it is only at Chaddy and it is like a 20 minutes bus ride from Clayton. And it was specially on a day that was worth celebrating cause the boyfriend got through some tough time with his uni stuff!

    Went over with another friend since she hasn't tried it before either. I must say, I was pretty excited from the things I've heard about the place :)

    Started with some drinks. I can't remember what the strawberry drink was already :D And Janelle ordered their Hot Matcha Latte.

    Janelle ordered their Carbonara. It may looked like any other ordinary carbonara but it tasted different. Good different. It had this smoky taste to the sauce. I quite liked it eventho I only had a tiny taste of it :)

    The boyfriend ordered their Riz Au Curry. Baked rice with Japanese curry, sausages, cheese and an egg :) And it was really yummyyyyy!!

    I ordered their Souffle de Nuage. Basically it is this whole mountain of fluffy egg white (which is the souffle part) and the bottom is a tomatoey cheesy baked rice with mushrooms and some meat? It was something totally interesting! Tasted gooood too :D

    Dessert was suppose to be a molteny chocolate cake for $10! It was tiny and not molteny at all! Expensive and not up to par.... :(

    Those were all the things we ordered on my first visit there!

    And a couple of weeks back I went back again with the boyfriend and his family when they came to visit. We ladies just happened to be in Chaddy doing some shopping and the boyfriend came over to join us for dinner.

    Miam Miam just happens to be the only proper restaurant unless we go for PappaRich which no Malaysians want when they are over here for holidays :D

    This time I ordered their Riz Noir Seafood Rice. Basically it's squid ink seafood rice topped with a japanese styled egg (omu). It was really tasty!! The seafood were fresh too and I absolutely love omus! The japanese styled eggs are always super nice!

    Overall, Miam Miam has really yummy food in general. I still have not tried their famous french toast and souffles but I have heard good things about them.

    On the downside, the portion is really small for the price you pay. On average a dish would be around $20 and for that price I would really want to be served with a more bigger portion lor...

    I guess it is one of those place that when I do really crave for it only I'll go. Because the boyfriend would always need to go for a second round after having dinner here just cause the portion isn't right for him. For girls, it would be fine but I think it isn't enough for the guys.

    But I really do wanna try their french toast and souffles lor! One day!

    Miam Miam Restaurant on Urbanspoon
    Ambience: ★★★★/5
    Food: ★★★★/5
    Service: ★★★/5
    Price: ★★★/5

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