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    Wednesday, May 28, 2014


    Sorry with the never ending lack of updates. Been so swamped with my day to day life and just have no time to even edit any pictures, let alone blog a proper post of anything. Mum was here before this and now she has already gone back to Malaysia :( Plus uni is already at Week 12 which is totally totally killing me straight up.... :'(

    Anyways, am back for a short OOTD post. The littler the amount of pictures I have would proportionally mean that I have less to type therefore takes me less time to compose :D Because as usual it would be of food and I have been eating like nobody's business sooooo the food posts coming up(god knows when) would be very long winded and takes ages for me to compose.

    Ok.... Back to the post as said in the title, nice and worth taking picture of, Outfit Of The Day(s) in the past month!

    While mum was here, she was my OOTD shots photographer haha! That would explain why my OOTD shots are not of me capturing in front of a mirror. Plus because mum was here, I went out more and therefore dressed up more often :)

    A lazy laid back day's outfit.
    Aviators: Rayban
    Daisy Snood: Asos
    Bag: Michael Kors Medium Selma
    Knitted Jumper: Millers
    Leggings: Zara
    Flats: Wittner

    LOVE my peacoat! Totally my kind of colour! :D
    Peacoat: Promod
    Necklace: Zara
    Tank: Jeanswest
    Skort: Temt
    Cutout Boots: Ebay
    Bag: Michael Kors Medium Selma

    Mummy dearest's birthday lunch outfit!
    Necklace: Kmart
    Coat: Sunny Girl
    Flats: Sandler
    Bag: Michael Kors Medium Selma

    Mother's Day eve Dinner and Mother's Day Luncheon outfit :D
    Blazer: Garfunkle
    Beaded/ Embellished top: River Island
    Leggings: Zara
    Knee high boots: Windsorsmith
    Flats: Wittner
    Chanel Boy iPhone case: Taobao
    Polka Dot Bag: Kate Spade Stevie


    A day out into the city.
    Blazer: Garfunkle
    Chiffon cami: Topshop
    Necklace: Kmart
    Pompom shorts: Dotti
    Cutout boots: Ebay
    Bag: Fossil

    Pinks! Not my typical choice of colour but it turned out quite good :P
    Kimono jacket: Katies
    Scalloped embellished tank: Dotti
    Scalloped shorts: Forever New
    Shoes: Converse
    Bag: Fossil

    Totally in love with the more blurrier and leaves filled background ♥︎

    Out at my favourite place in Melbourne for Autumn <3
    Crochet kimono jacket: Bardot
    Dress: Ally
    Necklace: Dotti
    Cutout boots: Ebay
    Bag: Fossil

    And that's all for now! After mum left, I don't really have the time to dress up for anything. Been totally swamped with uni.. and then, will be swamped with exams. Wish me luck people! :D

    Okays.., shall call it a night now :) Will be back as soon as I can!

    Lots of love,

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