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  1. Ola peeps!

    I have a sudden urge to blog and take a break from all of the study materials. I am like serious wayy behind with any concrete updates man! =/

    Anyways, here is a post of when mum was here on the 2nd of May. Mum's stay was too short lor..! It was only two weeks and a half... ):

    Ok, without further ado, this was how I spent my times with mum and the rest of the fam bam when they were here :D

    Dinner on the very first night :) Them spicy authentic flavours I miss from home!

    Because popo also came, she, makes the world's best Nyonya food ever!!! So, lucky for me! Get to eat tonnes of awesome authentic food that are prepared from scratch and not from the way I cook it, out of the prepacked rempah packets.

    Sambal! With mussels and hugeeeee scallops!

    Tapaoed some soya sauce chicken from Footscary.

    Then I took mum, pa and aunty to Rose Garden for lunch.

    Rose Garden BBQ on Urbanspoon
    Chicken Egg Chiffon on rice! One of my favourites from Rose Garden!

    Minced chicken with green beans on rice :) These two plates of rice were shared amongst me, mum and taiyi :D

    Our first huge weekend feast! With seafood all the way! Crabs, prawns, and seafood marinara pasta!

    Crabs cooked with egg and tomato sauce! YUMS! I am usually not a crab person, but it looked too good until I just HAD TO eat a little too! Especially the sauce when dipped with bread! HEAVEN!

    The bf and mummy dearest :) Mummy showing off her almost full plate of shells.

    Then the next day I went down with the boyfriend by train as the car won't fit all of us. And since the rest of them were somewhere else and had already eaten lunch, I went for lunch with just the bf at Dessert House on Swanston street.

    D House Cafe on Urbanspoon

    The boyfriend ordered their cheese baked rice.

    And I ordered their lemongrass chicken chop with an egg and the typical nissin instant noodle :P Instant noodles are my favourite laaaaa eventho they aren't healthy :D

    Then one afternoon I went to Highpoint for shopping with the family :)

    Lunch was laksa king's laksa :) Yummers!

    *Typical but fancier homecooked dinners*
    Eat all the kievs! Garlic and cheeeeese! :P

    Pan fried salmon with some balsamic glaze :)

    One day, mum and pa and taiyi went down the city and I decided to stay home cause I had some stuff to do. So, for lunch, aunty D decided to bring me and popo out to Moonee Ponds(which was just nearby) for Japanese food @ Chiba.

    Chiba Japanese on Urbanspoon

    Bento box! $15 for all of that plus miso soup and fruits! So worth it lor! There's salmon sashimi, tempuras, fish katsu, salad and teriyaki chicken. Andddd all the dishes tasted really good! :D

    Plus you see that seasoning on the rice? OMG SO NICE! I can eat it with any plain white rice and not complain. Ever. I am so coming back more often in the future! Even if it means just doing takeaways :P

    And since it was the night before mummy deearest's birthday, I decided to pass to her, her birthday gift :D

    So glad she loved it! I sneakily bought the Pandora necklace when she was also in the shop XD

    A very pretty and nice card along with the main highlight, a new collection Pandora necklace :) Love the intricate detailing of the pendant!

    Then on mummy dearest's birthday itself, the whole family went over to Langham Hotel's Melba Restaurant for a buffet lunch :D Their buffet lunch are priced at $57 pp.

    Melba on Urbanspoon

    Me with my first plate of the afternoon! I went up straight to the sashimi counter first before anything else :P

    *All the food I ate in one afternoon..!!*

    Very yummy peking duck wrap.

    More plates of sashimi.

    The family! Mummy dearest, aunty D, popo and taiyi. And of course, pa was behind the camera :)

    *Let's move on to desserts which I think I went twice for everything!*
    Strawbie coated with very smooth milk chocolate! SO YUMS!

    Pistachio, blood orange, pomegranate some thing but it was goood!

    Chocolate cakes.


    All the cakes were made by Burch & Purchese which explains why it is so good! When you go to B&P you end up paying $9 for a slice of cake, at Langham's buffet? You just keep taking and taking infinitely and it is paid for already! :D The inner kiasuness of me hahaha!

    Overall, lunch was really awesome! Awesome time spent with the family over good food! As said earlier it is $57pp right? But because aunty D bought the entertainment book, we were entitled to get $45 off the total bill :D Even more awesome!

    With the VVIP of the day! ♥︎ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY DEAREST!
    Here's to a healthy lifetime ahead of you! And to all the happy moments together!
    You're one of the toughest and strongest and most capable lady I have ever known my whole life. To me, you're my role model. I want to be as good of a mother as you and as strong as a lady like you. So glad to have spent your day with you. I'll always love you through the thickest and thinnest! 

    Langham is such a pretty hotel! :)

    Popo, Aunty D and Mummy Dearest!

    It was lovely at my most favourite place in Melbourne, Southbank! I absolutely love the trees there especially in Autumn and when there's some sunshine :)

    Pa ♥︎

    Then we went on to DFO Southwharf for shopping :D When it comes to the ladies in my family, shopping trips are essential :D And of course, I scored a few good buys!

    The haul for the day :P Everything at a very reasonable and irresistible discounted price XD Justifiable HAHAH! 

    Let's throw in some #selfies :P Wearing my $10 maxi dress from Dotti :D

    $3 statement necklace, $5 peter pan collared black lace top and $10 aztec pompom shorts from Dotti.

    $20 Havaianas, The orange and navy blue top from Metalicus for a further 40% and a pair of Guess jeans for $15!!

    Absolutely love these buys from Dotti! SO CHEAP SOMEMORE! 

    That's all for now peeps! I have to get back to my codes and notes.... ): 

    Take care y'all! And hopefully Part II will not have to wait one month... HAHAH! Knowing me and my current rate, expect the worse lah! But definitely will be back after exam ends on the 20th of June!

    Much love,
    sher xoxo.

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