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  1. Date Week! ♥︎

    Friday, May 02, 2014


    I feel like I have been abandoning this blog for so long. Updating this space always gives me some kind of achievement feeling and when I don't write anything, I feel as tho there is just something on an important list that I've not done. Anyways, here I am, back to write to calm myself from the inner stresses.

    And also I just feel like taking a short gap from updating #100happydays and so, if I don't do the daily update, I am left with only food updates :D IKR... I am ALL about the FOOOOOD! As always. Proud and happy to be a foodie :D

    On a side note, my family is here to visit. That's another happy news too! :D

    Since I've been writing about the Malaysia backlog food updates before this, it's time for the current Melbourne ones! Eventho I still have a couple events of backlogs that I have not got to yet.. hehe :)

    It'll be all about my dates with the darling boyfriend ♥︎  
    ♥︎ Date day outs! ♥︎

    All of this happened during my Easter break! It was the holiday time and before it even came by, I had already told him that "We will go out and eatttttttt during my holidays okay! Do things I never get to do at any leisure time during the non holidays period!" And of course, he is the best in the world(always is the best!) said OK :D

    The first was @ Las Chicas for a late Saturday brunch! One of my most favourite kind of foooooood! <3

    The bf laughing at a line in the little about page of the place in the menu.

    As usual, I'll order Soy Chai with Honey but this time, it came with a big cup of honey for me!

    Just the way I love it, freshly brewed loose leave Soy Chai :)

    The have this cool interior with the red brick walls and all that. Plus, the staffs were really friendly and the bf too have spotted one pretty waitress haha!

    Vodka for brunch! #likeaboss! HEHEHEH tbh, they serve all their tap waters in Vodka bottles :P

    The boyfriend ordered their BBB (Bikini Blowout Benedict), it has crushed avocado and bacon served with two poached eggs, hollandaise on a toasted sesame seed bagel. It was yums!

    I ordered their famous Breakfast Burrito! Folded eggs, crispy bacon, aioli , rocket in a toasted tortilla, 
    avocado tomato & coriander salsa :D And this was really gooooooood! They also gave hot sauce to eat together with it! So different but soooo nice leh the eggs!

    I was happy! :D Look at the overflowing burrito! It has been such a long time since I went out brunch okay.... Let alone a brunch adventure with the boyfriend..

    It was one of those days that, I just felt like taking pictures. But annoyed the bf by kept on asking him to take pictures of me for me :P

    The place is just beside Balaclava train station and tram no.3 stops just right in front!

    Overall, I really like this place! The food was good, the people were nice too! I see myself coming back more or whenever I could! Someone told me they have really good pancakes and burgers too! :D

    Another #selfie :D I love the colour in my hair!

    Denim Jacket: Free the People from Abercrombie
    Bodysuit: Mum's from at least a decade ago
    Galaxy Skirt: Factorie
    Cut Out Boots: Ebay
    Bag: Kate Spade Stevie Bag
    Necklace: Lovisa

    My darling ♥︎

    Here's where you can find Las Chicas at! Plus reviews and pictures;

    Las Chicas on Urbanspoon


    Second day out was a dinner @ Sakura Kaiten Sushi! Voted the best sushi joint in Melbourne! Paid it a visit for the first time :)

    It was suppose to be for lunch one geh... But we were there at 3pm and they close from 3pm-5pm. So for that two hours, we went to look for Wei Nian and his sis and had some snacks and drinks together at Shophouse Kitchen.

    Then around 5pm, we went for our Kaiten Sushi dinner! Kaiten sushi meaning sushi train :D The boyfriend have been craving for sushi train for a long long time already. Finally we got to eat a good-ish one! :D

    There isn't a very very huge variety but it was good enough to fill you up!

    The price list. A tad bit pricey but if it is for good quality food, a tad bit pricey is alright in my book.

    Dear ordered a bottle of Kirin.

    The first thing we took was this bottle of soba in sesame style and teriyaki chicken. The teriyaki chicken was soo good! The bf was pleased with the first thing he took.

    My favourite! Seaweed salad! 

    A plate of Salmon Belly Sashimi. And also a plate of normal Salmon Sashimi but I forgot to take picture of it.

    I think this was Karaage sushi? 

    Fresh Hotate Sashimi! Sweeeeeet!

    Unagi Roll. But with a big dollop of cream cheese in the middle. I forgot to take picture of these before we ate them so I had to take it straight while it is still on the belt. Thats why it is abit blurry =/

    Takoyakis :)

    Their famous for their Aburi nigiris meaning their lightly seared sushis and of courseeeee I had to get most of them of the belt :P

    Aburi Salmon Belly nigiri. It was okay... But the salmon belly was abit too soft cause it was cut too thin..

    *The three highlight plates for the night!*
    Their Aburi Salmon nigiri :D This was niceeeee! The salmon was cut to the perfect thickness and was seared nicely! :)

    Salmon Caviar. Rice wrapped around with a slice of Salmon Sashimi and topped with a dollop of Ikura(Salmon Roe)! Yummeeehhh~ Ikura is my favourite fish roe :D

    This was the best thing!! Their Aburi Hotate/Scallop Nigiri!! SOOOO GOOOD! It was sweet and tender! Fresh too! Plus the sauces on the top complimented it reaaaallyyyyyy well! Dip this in a little wasabi and soy sauce equals to OMG HEAVEN! I took two plates of this because one piece isn't enough for me :P 

    All the food above was shared equally with the boyfriend. So... if I really like something I'll get another plate so that I can eat two pieces :D And the Scallop Nigiri was the only one that I took double of!

    The damage of the night. 

    There aren't pictures of me or of us because the lighting in the restaurant isn't that good for a nice shot. Soo.. don't have lor..

    Dinner was nice! Altho we feel like we didn't eat super a lot we were so full! At least the food was fresh and yummy. We were there early so there wasn't much people therefore the turnover of the food wasn't that quick. But I reckon, if it's busy, they will have the turnovers quicker. And the staffs were attentive and friendly too! But just that it was abit expensive so cannot come back often. Overall, I likeeee the place!

    Andddd dinner was dear's treat :) It makes it extra special <3

    Because normally we always go half on our meals and groceries together. And so, when he does treat me, I'll always feel extra special and happy :D It is best when it comes once in a while because that's when it feels special and also, I know my own taste in food. I am a foodie but also an expensive foodie. Soo... I won't make him pay for my expensive tastebuds and cravings. How can lah right?!?!! *I feel very proud with my decisions one ok :P*

    The look of the night :)
    My favourite hearts top from Su-Estilo paired with a simple shorts and tights and boots. And excuse the dirty mirror HEHE

    Here is where you can find Sakura Kaiten Sushi;

    Sakura Kaiten Sushi on Urbanspoon


    Lastly was to TGI Friday's in Melbourne Central. 

    We out for the day in the city cause the boyfriend had something to attend to and then we decided to have dinner at TGIF cause I have a voucher that is entitled for a Free main meal when another main meal is purchased. So worth it right???! 

    Bokeh! I laik! :D

    The bar area view from where we were seated. I really like the ambience here! It just feels so nice and cool!

    As you can tell already from previous pictures and posts, I like taking shots of the bf while he uses his phone hehehe :P But he looked so good in the shirt I bought for him from Ripcurl! He should wear more shirts with jeans leh... I love how he looks! <3

    My darling! So sad that the picture turned out to be blur cause it was like dark at where we were seating at. He smiled! HEHE 

    Started off with some yummy Buffalo Wings :)

    And the bf also ordered a glass of Hurricane cocktail. It was yummy! But if you only get the rum at the bottom, it can taste a little cough medicine like hahah! But this drink complimented the food we had that night pretty well :)

    The bf ordered their Jack Daniel Sirloin Steak that was served on a bed of cheesy cheddar mash and the JD special sauce. It was a nice steak that was cooked to the perfect medium but the highlight is the cheddar mash. SOOOOOO GOOD and heavenly man!!! Creamy and cheesy altogether!

    And I ordered their Baby Back Beef Ribs. It was tender and yummy! The meat was cooked perfectly! But the only thing is that the sauce was a little too vinegary to my liking. Buttt the meat was yums!

    Which means, when I ordered the Baby Back Ribs which was slightly more expensive than the steak, we got the steak for free with my voucher :D All in all, dinner we paid $35 lesser ok... So worth it lor!!

    It was my first visit to TGIF here in Melbourne. And to my surprise, it was a really good night out! Our serving waiter was so friendly and recommended the food really well. Kudos to Chris!

    My look of the night :)
    Dress: Su-Estilo
    Necklace: Lovisa

    There are a couple of TGIF outlets in Melbourne and for the one in Melbourne Central, it is at;

    TGI Fridays on Urbanspoon

    And after dinner, I had to get a cup of bubble tea from Gong Cha specifically because I was craving for it since the night before after looking at a picture on instagram :D There will always be room for dessert after dinner lah! :P

    My favourite from Gong Cha, their Wintermelon Tea with white pearls. This time, I had it with their signature foam too :D

    And that concludes the dates we had during my holidays! For most days all we did was stay home and laze and then I'll cook us dinner. But sometimes it is really nice to go out and satisfy some of my cravings :D

    Days with the boyfriend are always good days. Always.

    That's all for now! I am getting busier with uni and with the family being around but I'll try to be back as soon as I can :)


    Much love,
    sher xoxo.

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